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Guns Suck

2009 January 22

I was riding my bike around downtown this morning and noticed a helicopter hovering above the city centre.  Later, when I got home and was browsing the internet to see what might have happened, I discovered that there had been a shooting, around quarter to eleven, on the Osgoode station subway platform!  A 19-year-old guy was shot in the leg and abdomen (the wounds are not life-threatening) after an apparent altercation with another young man.  The suspect is described as a black man with light complextion, wearing a black parka with fur trim and a Blue Jays baseball cap.  If you have any information about this incident, call 911.


Mountie-ing a New Tourism Plan

2007 August 22

I just had a bright idea . . . all the provinces in Canada except for Ontario and Quebec have chosen to contract most or all of their policing responsibilities to the RCMP.  What if the Province of Ontario allowed the Mounties to operate under their direction only in the City of Toronto.  The Mountie is an icon known worldwide as a symbol of Canada.  Tourists may be attracted to Toronto in much the same way they are attracted to London to see the Queen’s Guards.


They could even ride horses!