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Coups, Plagues, and . . . Garbage? Oh My!

2009 July 8

San Francisco Chronicle travel writer Larry Habegger recently listed Toronto at the #1 spot on his list of places around the world that should be on avoided for travel.  Toronto earned this distinction because of the garbage strike that is currently in its third week, resulting in “mounds of trash throughout the city that is known for its cleanliness.”

Rounding out the other top 5 places on the world travel advisory: Honduras (military coup), Mexico (Dengue Fever outbreak), North Africa (Bubonic Plague outbreak), and Thailand (military rule).

Larry must really not like garbage!

(photo from [daily dose of imagery])

The NY Times Does Toronto

2009 May 18

In yesterday’s Sunday edition of the New York Times, an article appeared fawning over the city of Toronto.

The featured journalist, Danny Lee, makes a few suspect claims (streetcars trolleys run like clockwork??), and he seems to be so enamoured with the West End (West Queen West/College/Ossington) that almost all his recommendations take you there.  Otherwise, it’s a pretty glowing review of our beloved city.  The only thing is, who is reading this?  I might guess that most people reading the Sunday NY Times would be more interested in cocktails in Yorkville than at Sweaty Betty’s.  But I digress.

What it all comes down to is that TZero is actually a great, interesting, diverse city that can be an attractive destination for people even from one of the greatest, most interesting and most diverse cities in the whole world.

Cut ‘n Paste Toronto

2009 January 26

I just came across a flyer from Toronto Tourism’s 2007 Holiday Campaign.  I think the collaged images are really fresh and interesting, and certainly depict what it’s actually like in some of TO’s most iconic areas (Bloor-Yorkville, Queen West, Old Town Toronto, and Downtown Yonge).

The entire ad campaign can be viewed at;  also, here’s a link to Warren Brown Blog – he being the guy who created these images that I like so much.

Mountie-ing a New Tourism Plan

2007 August 22

I just had a bright idea . . . all the provinces in Canada except for Ontario and Quebec have chosen to contract most or all of their policing responsibilities to the RCMP.  What if the Province of Ontario allowed the Mounties to operate under their direction only in the City of Toronto.  The Mountie is an icon known worldwide as a symbol of Canada.  Tourists may be attracted to Toronto in much the same way they are attracted to London to see the Queen’s Guards.


They could even ride horses!

She says Snob, I say Fascist

2007 August 21

Check out this blog post from the new CEO of Tourism Toronto: Building a Brand for Toronto.

This woman says that Toronto needs to increase it’s “service mentality.” I say we focus our tourism campaign on all the crazies that live here.

Thanks to P for sending me this link.