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York University President on CBC

2009 February 13

After a 3 month strike, York University students returned to classes January 29.  Shortly thereafter, CBC Radio One’s Metro Morning interviewed Mamdouh Shoukri, the President of the school.

You can listen to it here:

He seemed extremely evasive, unwilling to take any responsibility whatsoever for the strike or its duration, rude and even a bit threatening to host Matt Galloway, himself a graduate of York.

If I were a York student, I would be embarassed that this man was the President of my school.

One of Many Reasons I’m Glad I Don’t Go to York

2008 November 26

York University teaching staff has been on strike for 3 weeks!  Negotiations between strikers and school officials are apparently not going that well.  Interesting fact: York’s teaching assistants are already the highest paid in Canada!

If you happen to be a York Lion, you might want to check out the school’s special site for disrupted students.

York is Canada’s third largest university, and is located in the middle of nowhere.

Tennis in a Land Far, Far Away

2007 August 18

Yesterday my roommate and I ventured up to York University to attend the Rogers Cup WTA tennis tournament. The tennis was amazing, but we couldn’t help but question not only why York University is home to this tournament (being so far away from downtown), but also why York is where it is at all. It took us over an hour to get there via public transportation including 3 transfers and a long walk. We watched the quarter final matches and the Rexall Centre was largely empty – surely more people would attend if it was more accessible. Why didn’t they build the National Tennis Centre somewhere that’s at least on the subway line?


Here’s an article from Sports Venue Technology (a website devoted to the sports venue industry) that discusses the inception of the Rexall Centre and Canada’s National Tennis Centre.