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Quote of the Day!

2009 July 22

“I don’t know what I’d do if I was laid off right now.  I’d probably kill myself.  I mean, my rent is $700!”

– part of an overheard conversation, this afternoon, between two clerks at American Apparel


2009 May 19

Spotted (Monday 9 p.m.): Adam Giambrone, on the patio at Cafe Diplomatico, enjoying the Victoria Day holiday.

I ♥ Toronto pseudo-celebrities.

The NY Times Does Toronto

2009 May 18

In yesterday’s Sunday edition of the New York Times, an article appeared fawning over the city of Toronto.

The featured journalist, Danny Lee, makes a few suspect claims (streetcars trolleys run like clockwork??), and he seems to be so enamoured with the West End (West Queen West/College/Ossington) that almost all his recommendations take you there.  Otherwise, it’s a pretty glowing review of our beloved city.  The only thing is, who is reading this?  I might guess that most people reading the Sunday NY Times would be more interested in cocktails in Yorkville than at Sweaty Betty’s.  But I digress.

What it all comes down to is that TZero is actually a great, interesting, diverse city that can be an attractive destination for people even from one of the greatest, most interesting and most diverse cities in the whole world.

WWJD In Little Italy?

2009 March 26

The photography place around the corner from my house, Ferreira Photo Studio, is displaying both of the following in their window at present:

The first photo shows Little Italy’s most important VIPs: their ancestors, Jesus, and Princess Diana.  The second photo is self-explanatory.

The BatVespa

2009 March 8

Located in the front window of the Vespa store, Motoretta, on College:


italycollege sex video

2009 March 1

For those of you not too familiar with all the technical blog mumbo-jumbo, I’ll let you know that it’s possible to see the terms people used to find your blog via search engines on the internet.  Today I had the best one ever show up on my blog stats page:

italycollege sex video


The Corsage Contest

2009 February 11

My friend Emily and I have this contest every year to see who can get the ugliest most amazing corsage/boutonniere for one another, to wear to our formal banquet for the team we coach together.  Last year I was so pleased with the corsage I had made at the Pink Twig floral boutique that I went back there again this time.  The girl, either Tanya or Amy, jumped at the challenge both times and came up with some pretty (pun intended) spectacular creations.  Below are my entries for last year – w/peacock feather – and this year – w/ phallic pink fern.

Also of interest: these girls do the flowers for Canada AM and they’re going to be on the show this Friday, February 13!

Bill O’Reilly Must Be Pissed

2008 November 25

This cool notification/graffiti adorns a new construction barrier on College Street around Shaw:

(L to R) Cosby, Gates, Clinton, Murray.

Breakfast Crawl: Boom Breakfast & Co

2008 November 21

I haven’t done a breakfast review in a long time, although I still eat out in the morning on a pretty regular basis.  I’ve lived in Toronto for a while now, and I’ve learned which breakfast eateries are of high quality, which have convenient hours, and those whose prices keep me coming back.

Probably my most regular destination for breakfast in the city is Boom, which really excels in all the above categories.  Plus it’s right around the corner from my house (as well as at two other locations in the city – although I’ve only been to the original spot.)

The Boom website claims that it aims to offer an “eggceptional” customer experience every time you visit – and it does.  Boom operates in a comfortable diner setting with an open kitchen and an extremely friendly team of staff-members.  As I go there so frequently, the main servers as well as one of the cooks pretty much know me by name and most of the time remember exactly what I usually order.

Although they have a large and diverse menu of morning delights (many of which I’ve tried), I usually go for the regular 2 egg breakfast.  As with any respectable breakfast establishment, you can choose your eggs any style you’d like, you have the choice of the 3 normal (very high-quality) breakfast meats, and breakfasts feature excellent wedgie potatoes (or sweet potato fries), a few different choices of toast, and a roasted tomato garnish.  The breakfast I get also includes bottomless coffee (on weekdays), although most of the other things on the menu require you to pay an additional $2 for your brew.  Although I resort to the boring, regular meal, my roommate swears by the T.O.P.D. Special Sandwich and the Threesome.  They also do pretty great smoothies – my favourite being the Honey Bee (including blueberries, bananas, yogurt, and honey.)

There are some other noteworthy things about this place.  They always have a variety of current newspapers to read including varying combinations of the Toronto Star, NY Times, Globe & Mail, National Post, Now Weekly, and Eye Magazine.  The background music is always a great mix of oldies but goodies, and although there are some recurring songs, you’ll always hear something you don’t mind humming along to.  This  morning they played Lola, by The Kinks, which reminds me of one summer I was in high school for some reason.

The only thing I can really think of that isn’t ideal about this place is that with a normal breakfast you only get one slice of toast.  However, if you kindly ask for an extra slice, they will include it at no additional cost!

Boom also has a customer appreciation program where you get stamps for breakfasts and take-out coffee:  Buy 10, get one free.

This is pretty much as near as you can get to a perfect breakfast joint: local, good-value (breakfasts run $4-10), tasty, with friendly servers (especially one girl with platinum blond hair.)  Boom is also open for lunch.

Boom Breakfast & Co has 3 locations:
808 College Street, 1036 St. Claire Avenue West, and 174 Eglinton Avenue West.
The College Street location is open daily from 6am – 4pm, while the other 2 open at 7am.

Let’s Start a Cheap Advertising Campaign

2008 November 17

About a month or so ago I saw some stencil graffiti spray-painted on the sidewalks and recycling & trash receptacles near my house.

The smaller ones actually said, although I don’t have a picture of one of these.

I assumed that this was some sort of guerrilla grassroots activist group or something along those lines.  ‘Fraid not.  Typing in the url leads you to an advertisement for some band named The Artist Life‘s new album, entitled Let’s Start a Riot.

After wasting my time going to take a picture of the damn thing, and then actually looking it up on the web only to find some dumb sales site that is basically using illegal advertising, I was pretty disappointed.