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Quote of the Day!

2007 July 29

“Every time I’m at the butcher shop, I make sure to ask the woman working there if she’s got a nice rack.”

-The man in front of me at the ATM in 7-Eleven, talking about lamb (I presume).  Why do crazies feel the need to talk to strangers?


2007 July 20


I just recently noticed a new competitor in the world of Toronto fast food: Hero Certified Burgers.  Apparently, this chain has been around since 2003 (it’s first location was in Yorkville), but I’ve seen new franchises popping up all over the city.  I decided to get a burger for lunch today, and boy was I pleasantly surprised.  What with exclusive use of 100% Angus certified beef, a choice list of amazing toppings, and perhaps the best freedom fries french fries in the industry – I give this place full marks. 

Their misson statement is listed as such: “Our goal is to deliver the best tasting food and the highest quality service in a clean environment for a fair price.”  Why can’t all restaurants promise as much?

The Hero menu offers way more than just the regular McCrap fare: wild Alaskan salmon burger with avacado & fire roasted peppers, 7 different choices of cheese to top your burger, “real shakes” that are 90% ice cream and only 10% milk, and more than 20 gourmet condiment choices.

There are currently 13 locations in the GTA.  Check it out next time you’re looking for something charbroiled.  You can thank me later.