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Trashy Toronto

2009 February 14

With the unseasonably warm weather (uh . . . it’s February), the city is basically melting.  And revealed beneath that snow and ice  is all the crap everyone threw on the ground over the course of the last 3 months!  Nearly everywhere I go, there are countless cigarette butts, fast food trash, plastic bags, et al.  Pick up your damn garbage next winter!

One more thing . . . to all those people rejoicing because they think spring has come early: it is 100% going to snow again, and we’ll have to go through this all again next month.

Let the Sun Shine In

2008 November 5

Today was amazingly beautiful in the city of Toronto.  Temperatures reached close to 20°C! Hopefully you got out and enjoyed yourself in the sun.

To celebrate I give you today’s Sunshine Girl (Sima), from the Toronto Sun:


An avid rollerblader, swimmer and painter, Sima has her sights set on becoming a singer-actress. Her most memorable brush with stardom? Meeting rapper-turned-actor Mark ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg. (Todd Gillis Photo)