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Architecture in Helsinki in Toronto

2007 October 15

I’ve been listening this Australian indy pop collective Architecture in Helsinki.  I remember hearing about them a while ago, but never really got into them.  Then I came across their awesome music videos on youtube (see below), and also became aware that they have toured with bands such as Belle & Sebastian and Yo La Tengo, both of whom I really like.  You should check them out on the web, or live – They’re currently on a North American tour, and they’re hitting up Toronto this week.

Architecture in Helsinki plays at the Opera House (Located just east of Broadview Ave, on the north side of Queen Street East) this Thursday, October 18 at 8 pm.  Tickets are $17.50.

A Crazy Land of Random Dopeness

2007 October 5

So tonight I’m going to the grand opening of the new club CiRCA.  It’s hard to believe a venue could have so many people talking about it for so long, but this place’s opening has been a long time in the works.  Delivered to us by the former king of the NYC club scene, Peter Gatien, tonight CiRCA may be the coolest club in the world.  Even if it lives up to it’s hype, this place will have to be really amazing to survive, what with a questionable market for new clubs in TO – not to mention a 3000 person capacity!  Anyway, last night was the invite-only pre-grand opening party featuring a performance by Missy Elliot and welcoming Paris Hilton, among others.  Tonight, they’re saying there’ll be a very special guest: “one of the most instrumental people in electronic music, who laid the groundwork for not only the birth of electro music, but the nu rave culture-moment itself that has swept the entire world and is only getting crazier by the day.” I’ll report back tomorrow with details.


Dance. Rock. Revolution. Rave.

Tits & Acid in Toronto

2007 September 18

Last night I went to the Simian Mobile Disco concert at the Mod Club. 


Although the set was quite short (they were only on from about 12:10 – 1:00 am) they squeezed a lot of awesomeness into that near-hour.  Their  club mixes were unreal and the light/strobe show was crazy – you wouldn’t want to be epileptic at this performance.  Although I didn’t take any pictures, this site Pitchfork has a bunch of photos from a recent show in Boston, and these videos on youtube provide a taste of what the concert was like.

Good Eats For Charlotte

2007 August 21

Although the hostess at my restaurant played a joke on me by claiming that Jessica Biel was eating there last night (she wasn’t) we did have another group of celebrities associated with Justin Timberlake.


The entirety of Good Charlotte, who are the opening act for the FutureSex/LoveShow tour, dined there following their performance.  A capacity crowd of more than 19,000 people attended the show, and apparently it was tres hot.

Note: the lead singer of Good Charlotte is Joel Madden, Nicole Richie’s baby-daddy.

Simian Mobile Disco: Coming Soon

2007 July 18

I first heard this stylised production and remix team, Simian Mobile Disco, made up of James Ellis Ford and James Anthony Shaw, a few weeks ago when I was shopping at the Puma store on Bloor Street.  The store was pretty much empty, but they had a DJ spinning music and the track that was playing when I walked in was Hustler.  I instantly loved the beat, but my real worship began when I got home and watched the video for this song on youtube.  It is seriously one of the coolest videos EVER.  Turns out this group has been around for a while, but just recently released their first album, Attack Decay Sustain Release, about a month ago.  This album is incredible.  Every track is amazing.  Their sound is kind of like the French duo Air, but way more upbeat and dancier.

Anyway, SMD just started touring to promote the album.  This summer they’re mostly in Europe, hitting the Ibiza scene, etc.  However, come September, they embark on a limited North American tour.  And they’re coming to Toronto! Monday, September 17 SMD will be hitting up The Mod Club at 722 College Street.  Tickets for the NYC show are $18, so they should be similarly priced in TO. 

Check out all their work, but the aforementioned Hustler and I Believe are my favourite tracks off their new album.

Eatin’ up Meatloaf

2007 July 17


So, I was just browsing Toronto concert listings for this summer and I chuckled to see Meatloaf’s summer tour passing through the area.  Remember when everybody thought that guy was dead?  Well, a lot of people must be excited that he’s still alive because tickets for his August 16 concert at Casino Rama range from $185 – $285!!  Wowsers!  That’s pricier than seeing JT!