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Let’s All Move to Burlington

2008 April 29

Money Sense Magazine just came out with its 3rd annual ranking of the best places to live in Canada.  154 communities were compared on 16 factors including climate, salaries, real estate, and (supposedly an indicator of quality of health care) doctors per capita.

Those conducting this ranking claim it to be “the fairest, most unbiased guide you can find to Canadian communities.”  Interestingly (and ironically), they also tout the fact that their rankings “aren’t about who has the best scenery, or the best restaurants, or the best beaches.”  In fact, there are absolutely no cultural indicators contributing to their rankings whatsoever.

So, that being said, here’s the list.  Obviously, I would much rather live in Burlington (No. 8 ) than, say, Montréal (No. 82).  Toronto came in at No. 51, down significantly from last year.  Ottawa-Gatineau was tops at No. 1.  And the worst place to live in Canada (according to these people)?  Port Alberni, BC.