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All Signs Point to Now (Magazine)

2009 March 25

I used to skim my horoscope in NOW Toronto and kind of chuckle because I thought it was so abstract it couldn’t actually be applicable to my life.  Then this girl that I work with, Kristina, who is kind of a very spiritual person and also kind of into astrology, told me that Rob Brezsny’s Freewill Astrology is actually her favourite in any publication.  That lead me back to NOW, whence I discovered that these horoscopes are not abstract at all, but actually ultra-specific! (They are also very entertaining.)

As an example, here’s the version of mine from this week’s edition:

SCORPIO Oct 23 | Nov 21 After extensive analysis, I’ve concluded that you won’t serve any time in hell for the shock therapy you’ll unleash this week – with one caveat: The shock therapy must be motivated primarily by love, not a lust for power. My research also suggests that in dropping your bombshells you may even rack up some karmic credit, not karmic debt – if the things you destroy are truly beyond repair and certain to keep causing pain, and if you institute a plan for building a shiny new creation to replace what’s lost.

Check out Rob’s column in your physical version of NOW, or at the online edition.