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All Signs Point to Now (Magazine)

2009 March 25

I used to skim my horoscope in NOW Toronto and kind of chuckle because I thought it was so abstract it couldn’t actually be applicable to my life.  Then this girl that I work with, Kristina, who is kind of a very spiritual person and also kind of into astrology, told me that Rob Brezsny’s Freewill Astrology is actually her favourite in any publication.  That lead me back to NOW, whence I discovered that these horoscopes are not abstract at all, but actually ultra-specific! (They are also very entertaining.)

As an example, here’s the version of mine from this week’s edition:

SCORPIO Oct 23 | Nov 21 After extensive analysis, I’ve concluded that you won’t serve any time in hell for the shock therapy you’ll unleash this week – with one caveat: The shock therapy must be motivated primarily by love, not a lust for power. My research also suggests that in dropping your bombshells you may even rack up some karmic credit, not karmic debt – if the things you destroy are truly beyond repair and certain to keep causing pain, and if you institute a plan for building a shiny new creation to replace what’s lost.

Check out Rob’s column in your physical version of NOW, or at the online edition.

TO’s Sexy Secrets

2009 February 13

This week’s NOW Toronto is entitled The Love and Sex Issue

Within it, you can read the answers to a bunch of polls and stuff; however, the most fascinating/disturbing part is called Share A Sexy Secret of Yours That Would Surprise or Shock Others.

Here’s what all you Torontonians crazies had to say:

  • I’m turned on by hockey jerseys.
  • I fooled around with my mom’s co-worker and her husband.
  • I fantasize about being fucked by an elephant.
  • I get most turned on when my partner does things to me while I pretend to be asleep.
  • I love masturbating with my window open when it’s raining.
  • I used to plug myself with Barbie dolls. Think about it!
  • My wife and I sometimes pretend we are siblings.
  • Seeing as most of my friends don’t know I’m a lesbian, that would probably be it.
  • When we were young, my neighbour and I used to let her dog lick our pussies.
  • Drinking blood is hot.
  • For casual encounters I need to be wearing a bubblegum-pink bob wig.
  • Fucked almost the whole football team in college.
  • Getting fingered in a mosh pit.
  • Although I was raped, rape fantasies still get me off.
  • I had an affair when I was 15 with my best friend’s mother.
  • I like toes in my vag.
  • I love being filmed or photographed while having sex, masturbating, etc.
  • I lost a small vibrator in my bum once.
  • I’ve only had sex with two people. The second person doesn’t know that.
  • My boyfriend of almost two years has still never really seen me completely naked.
  • My hubby gets the best boner when I wear a straitjacket for sex.
  • I have done sexual things with men I am not physically attracted to just so I could explore various kinks.
  • I once let my boyfriend throw a pie in my face as foreplay.
  • I have a fantasy of watching my parents fuck.
  • I learned how to kiss from my sister.
  • I still have sex with my sister.
  • I used to have sex regularly with farm animals.
  • I’ve paid to get trampled and ass-fucked by a dominatrix. It was hot.
  • Received oral in a gay bar dark room in Amsterdam, while my wife stood at my side.
  • I once masturbated with a cherry inside my pussy, then ate it after I came – yum.
  • Bestiality turns me on.

Just for fun, I thought I’d post the amazing music video of the 1992 song called L.S.I. (Love, Sex, Intelligence) by The Shamen.  Some of you may remember this from the MuchMusic disc Dance Mix ’94.


2007 October 15

Best of Toronto Photo Contest:
What do you condsider to be the Best of Toronto?  Perhaps it’s a local landmark, your favourite restaurant or even a 100-year-old tree.  Whatever it is, NOW Toronto wants to see it!

Submit your photos to NOW’s Best of Toronto Photo Contest and you could WIN the chance to have your picture featured in NOW’s Best of Issue on November 1!  Enter a photo that highlights what you consider to be the Best of Toronto.  Submit your photos to no later than October 21 by 11pm.  Maximum of 5 entries per household.

Is That Bathhouse Wheelchair Accessible?

2007 August 5

I just read this strange, yet enlightening article in NOW Magazine: Acsexxxability Activists Take Bath.

Who knew there was such a niche party-market as “sex-and-disabilities?” Apparently it has been problematic finding a bathhouse that’s both accessible and sex-positive. I guess if you can’t get there you can’t do it. But does that limit these people to doing the nasty only with other disabled people? Would “abled” people (that must be the opposite, right?) attend a party entitled Acsexxxable?


Here’s my favourite quote: “I want to be the girl you picture naked,” says the voice-over of Loree Erickson’s Want, as intense making out occurs onscreen between her (in a wheelchair) and another woman.

Billy Talentless

2007 July 19

T.O. “Rock Terrors,” Billy Talent, grace the cover of the current issue of NOW Magazine.  I couldn’t find an electronic version of the image (and I don’t have a scanner right now), so you’ll have to settle for this beauty:


Does anyone else think these guys suck?  How are they so famous?