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Gimme Morba

2008 November 5

Have you ever been to the amazing store Morba, on Queen West?


It would be difficult to put this place into a category like, say, ‘furniture store’ or ‘antiques and collectibles.’   Others have described it as a “vintage furniture and accessories wonderland,” featuring “all-encompassing mid-century modern classic design [and] kitch,” and “a design lover’s fantasy realm of retro goodness, new and old.”

Some interesting things I saw there this afternoon included (but were not limited to): a phrenological bust, a taxidermied shark (among other animals), trays that make ice-cube shot glasses, vintage Playboy postcards, and a lot of cool ($$$) furniture.

It’s kind of like a really expensive flea market or an art gallery with a pack-rat of a curator.

Check it out if you’re in the area.  Morba is located at 667 Queen Street West (near Bathurst).  It is open Monday through Saturday 11 – 6, and 12 – 5 on Sundays.  You can reach them at (416) 364-5144.

BTW their website is not currently functioning, but the clerk told me it should be up and running within a couple of weeks.