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Suburbian Invasion (aka Taste of the Danforth)

2007 August 11

Today one of my roommates and I decided to trek over to Greektown to check out Toronto’s largest street festival: Taste of the Danforth.  First of all, we took the subway because parking would probably be hell my roommate doesn’t remember how to ride a bike.  I haven’t been on the subway in a long time, and it was kind of funny because subways – like grocery stores – are the great equalizer.  You really see everybody on the subway, from businesspeople to crazies screaming throughout the whole car that they haven’t eaten anything in 4 days.


Anyway, by the time we get there I’m really hungry.  It was a good thing, because this festival is all about food.  And there were literally about a million people there, all interested in stuffing themselves tasting the delicacies of Greece.  I found it ironic, though, that much of the food was not Greek.  I mean, sure, the majority was food from Greek restaurants, but I thought this was supposed to be a Greek festival!  Why were there booths selling paella and corn on the cob?  But that’s really neither here nor there.  What’s important is that I got my fill of both delicious food as well as crazy Torontonians.  I ate all the most likely candidates: souvlaki, baklava, and spanakopita.  I also had some fresh fruit and a coke.  Mmmm.




Top row: us eating
Middle row: close-ups of food, including the biggest spit of meat I’ve ever seen
Bottom row: crazies (somebody actually shaving at the Gillet Fusion booth, and a woman from some activist group claiming that 9/11 was “an inside job,” whatever that means.  Why the hell is she holding an earth painted on a lampshade?)

Quote of the Day!

2007 August 11

“If you think I’m a bitch, you should meet my daughter.”

– text on a t-shirt of a woman I saw this afternoon at the Taste of the Danforth street festival.