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TO’s Sexy Secrets

2009 February 13

This week’s NOW Toronto is entitled The Love and Sex Issue

Within it, you can read the answers to a bunch of polls and stuff; however, the most fascinating/disturbing part is called Share A Sexy Secret of Yours That Would Surprise or Shock Others.

Here’s what all you Torontonians crazies had to say:

  • I’m turned on by hockey jerseys.
  • I fooled around with my mom’s co-worker and her husband.
  • I fantasize about being fucked by an elephant.
  • I get most turned on when my partner does things to me while I pretend to be asleep.
  • I love masturbating with my window open when it’s raining.
  • I used to plug myself with Barbie dolls. Think about it!
  • My wife and I sometimes pretend we are siblings.
  • Seeing as most of my friends don’t know I’m a lesbian, that would probably be it.
  • When we were young, my neighbour and I used to let her dog lick our pussies.
  • Drinking blood is hot.
  • For casual encounters I need to be wearing a bubblegum-pink bob wig.
  • Fucked almost the whole football team in college.
  • Getting fingered in a mosh pit.
  • Although I was raped, rape fantasies still get me off.
  • I had an affair when I was 15 with my best friend’s mother.
  • I like toes in my vag.
  • I love being filmed or photographed while having sex, masturbating, etc.
  • I lost a small vibrator in my bum once.
  • I’ve only had sex with two people. The second person doesn’t know that.
  • My boyfriend of almost two years has still never really seen me completely naked.
  • My hubby gets the best boner when I wear a straitjacket for sex.
  • I have done sexual things with men I am not physically attracted to just so I could explore various kinks.
  • I once let my boyfriend throw a pie in my face as foreplay.
  • I have a fantasy of watching my parents fuck.
  • I learned how to kiss from my sister.
  • I still have sex with my sister.
  • I used to have sex regularly with farm animals.
  • I’ve paid to get trampled and ass-fucked by a dominatrix. It was hot.
  • Received oral in a gay bar dark room in Amsterdam, while my wife stood at my side.
  • I once masturbated with a cherry inside my pussy, then ate it after I came – yum.
  • Bestiality turns me on.

Just for fun, I thought I’d post the amazing music video of the 1992 song called L.S.I. (Love, Sex, Intelligence) by The Shamen.  Some of you may remember this from the MuchMusic disc Dance Mix ’94.

Make It Work It Fame Money

2009 January 28

A kid that I used to coach has an EP available for sale on iTunes (Scotty Dynamo – EP).  I found this out a while ago, but I just kind of looked into it today.  He has a website as well as a wicked myspace page, including 3094 friends.  I don’t exactly know about myspace, but that would be a lot on facebook. 

It’s electronic-infused hip-hop, and the 3 songs are actually pretty great!  Scotty Dynamo should collaborate with Syrus!!

I Get On (The TTC)

2008 December 5

This awesomeness, by Syrus (featuring Randal), speaks raps for itself.  The best line of the song is “Takin’ public transportation, never in a dealership.”  It sort of sounds like Kanye’s Love Lockdown, only way better.

Thanks to my roommate (and indirectly to Brad Buset) for making me aware of this.

Breakfast Crawl: Boom Breakfast & Co

2008 November 21

I haven’t done a breakfast review in a long time, although I still eat out in the morning on a pretty regular basis.  I’ve lived in Toronto for a while now, and I’ve learned which breakfast eateries are of high quality, which have convenient hours, and those whose prices keep me coming back.

Probably my most regular destination for breakfast in the city is Boom, which really excels in all the above categories.  Plus it’s right around the corner from my house (as well as at two other locations in the city – although I’ve only been to the original spot.)

The Boom website claims that it aims to offer an “eggceptional” customer experience every time you visit – and it does.  Boom operates in a comfortable diner setting with an open kitchen and an extremely friendly team of staff-members.  As I go there so frequently, the main servers as well as one of the cooks pretty much know me by name and most of the time remember exactly what I usually order.

Although they have a large and diverse menu of morning delights (many of which I’ve tried), I usually go for the regular 2 egg breakfast.  As with any respectable breakfast establishment, you can choose your eggs any style you’d like, you have the choice of the 3 normal (very high-quality) breakfast meats, and breakfasts feature excellent wedgie potatoes (or sweet potato fries), a few different choices of toast, and a roasted tomato garnish.  The breakfast I get also includes bottomless coffee (on weekdays), although most of the other things on the menu require you to pay an additional $2 for your brew.  Although I resort to the boring, regular meal, my roommate swears by the T.O.P.D. Special Sandwich and the Threesome.  They also do pretty great smoothies – my favourite being the Honey Bee (including blueberries, bananas, yogurt, and honey.)

There are some other noteworthy things about this place.  They always have a variety of current newspapers to read including varying combinations of the Toronto Star, NY Times, Globe & Mail, National Post, Now Weekly, and Eye Magazine.  The background music is always a great mix of oldies but goodies, and although there are some recurring songs, you’ll always hear something you don’t mind humming along to.  This  morning they played Lola, by The Kinks, which reminds me of one summer I was in high school for some reason.

The only thing I can really think of that isn’t ideal about this place is that with a normal breakfast you only get one slice of toast.  However, if you kindly ask for an extra slice, they will include it at no additional cost!

Boom also has a customer appreciation program where you get stamps for breakfasts and take-out coffee:  Buy 10, get one free.

This is pretty much as near as you can get to a perfect breakfast joint: local, good-value (breakfasts run $4-10), tasty, with friendly servers (especially one girl with platinum blond hair.)  Boom is also open for lunch.

Boom Breakfast & Co has 3 locations:
808 College Street, 1036 St. Claire Avenue West, and 174 Eglinton Avenue West.
The College Street location is open daily from 6am – 4pm, while the other 2 open at 7am.

Let’s Start a Cheap Advertising Campaign

2008 November 17

About a month or so ago I saw some stencil graffiti spray-painted on the sidewalks and recycling & trash receptacles near my house.

The smaller ones actually said, although I don’t have a picture of one of these.

I assumed that this was some sort of guerrilla grassroots activist group or something along those lines.  ‘Fraid not.  Typing in the url leads you to an advertisement for some band named The Artist Life‘s new album, entitled Let’s Start a Riot.

After wasting my time going to take a picture of the damn thing, and then actually looking it up on the web only to find some dumb sales site that is basically using illegal advertising, I was pretty disappointed.

Architecture in Helsinki in Toronto

2007 October 15

I’ve been listening this Australian indy pop collective Architecture in Helsinki.  I remember hearing about them a while ago, but never really got into them.  Then I came across their awesome music videos on youtube (see below), and also became aware that they have toured with bands such as Belle & Sebastian and Yo La Tengo, both of whom I really like.  You should check them out on the web, or live – They’re currently on a North American tour, and they’re hitting up Toronto this week.

Architecture in Helsinki plays at the Opera House (Located just east of Broadview Ave, on the north side of Queen Street East) this Thursday, October 18 at 8 pm.  Tickets are $17.50.

Schizophrenic Insanity

2007 October 10

So I did, indeed, go to the grand opening of CiRCA on Friday night.   It certainly has a different feel than the other clubs I’ve visited in Toronto (This Is London, Mod Club).  The party on Fridays is called Randomland, and a better name there could not be.  First of all, this place looks like the inside of a UFO – or what one might imagine a the inside of a UFO from a cliched 1980s b-movie about aliens to look like – all stainless steel and strobes.  And the music was good, the majority being experimental electro remix.  Some random on the dancefloor told me that Justice was spinning for part of the night, but I’m not sure if that’s true.  We arrived around 1 am and were pretty trashed, but the venue was certainly a feast for my senses.  The place is HUGE (53 000 square feet to be exact) split up onto 4 levels.  Actually, the layout seemed a bit confusing, as there were many partial-floors, hidden rooms, and winding hallways – we found ourselves spiraling through the venue all night long, looking for ways to ascend and descend between levels.  The place is also filled with a bunch of interesting pockets for partying: a unisex bathroom complete with it’s own bar and dance area; a suspended glass cube VIP area overlooking the main dancefloor; an amazing bar that lit up in response to the touch of patrons; a weird hallway art gallery accessed by a door that reads Employees Only; and a room filled with furnature that appeared to be Hello Kitty characters smoking cigarettes.  There was also a dance area intimately close to the DJ (see above video), which was pretty rad, and a speaker system that literally and figuratively blew me away.  There was so much other interesting stuff that I can’t even remember half of it.  I’ll be sure to get back there sometime, although I might try it on a Saturday next time to see what the Traffic party is like compared to Randomland Fridays.

A Crazy Land of Random Dopeness

2007 October 5

So tonight I’m going to the grand opening of the new club CiRCA.  It’s hard to believe a venue could have so many people talking about it for so long, but this place’s opening has been a long time in the works.  Delivered to us by the former king of the NYC club scene, Peter Gatien, tonight CiRCA may be the coolest club in the world.  Even if it lives up to it’s hype, this place will have to be really amazing to survive, what with a questionable market for new clubs in TO – not to mention a 3000 person capacity!  Anyway, last night was the invite-only pre-grand opening party featuring a performance by Missy Elliot and welcoming Paris Hilton, among others.  Tonight, they’re saying there’ll be a very special guest: “one of the most instrumental people in electronic music, who laid the groundwork for not only the birth of electro music, but the nu rave culture-moment itself that has swept the entire world and is only getting crazier by the day.” I’ll report back tomorrow with details.


Dance. Rock. Revolution. Rave.

Tits & Acid in Toronto

2007 September 18

Last night I went to the Simian Mobile Disco concert at the Mod Club. 


Although the set was quite short (they were only on from about 12:10 – 1:00 am) they squeezed a lot of awesomeness into that near-hour.  Their  club mixes were unreal and the light/strobe show was crazy – you wouldn’t want to be epileptic at this performance.  Although I didn’t take any pictures, this site Pitchfork has a bunch of photos from a recent show in Boston, and these videos on youtube provide a taste of what the concert was like.

Hey, Hey, You, You Come Eat At My Restaurant

2007 September 11

I have been working so much lately between my two jobs that I haven’t had much time to post on this blog.  If anyone actually reads it, I’m sorry to you.

Anyway, last night was one of the most exciting nights at the restaurant since I began working there.  We had not one, not two, but THREE celebrities eating there, and two of them were actually seriously A-Listers!

First we had Jonathan Demme, the Academy Award winning director of The Silence of the Lambs, and this year’s Jimmy Carter documentary, Man From Plains.  He’s in TO presenting his film at the TIFF.  Then we had 90’s star Frank Whaley, who at one time was a legitimate actor – you may remember him as the loser store worker who hangs with Jennifer Connelly in Career Oportunities.  He also had a part in Pulp Fiction.  Then . . . then, we had one of the biggest stars in music right now eating in one of our private rooms: Avril Lavigne!  She looked like just a regular, normal person and was apparently extremely nice and gracious to her server.  Interesting as the media often paints a picture of her as being a self-absorbed and rude brat.  She also brought along her bodyguard who hung out at the sushi bar all night drinking Evian.  I wonder why Avril wasn’t in Vegas for the MTV VMAs.  She was nominated for Monster Single of the Year.  She probably knew she was going to lose to Rihanna and decided not to even bother.