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“They totally batmanned on us.”

2007 July 28

Above quote from my friend Jess last night (in reference to some of our other buds) when we were outside having a cigarette break from the steambath that was 751 Queen Street West – aka Grandma’s Basement.  Sure to become one of my new favourite words, the urban dictionary gives me the following definition:


1. to disappear into nothingness when by all rights you should have seen the person(s) leave

expr. (batmanned)
1. used after someone disappears as above

Holy sh*t, you just pulled a batman.
Where’d Larry go? He batmanned on us.

“People Are Merking Each Other and Stuff”

2007 July 21

That is a quote from some chick at a party I was at tonight.  She was talking about the evolution of characters and story lines in the Harry Potter series.  Apparently, by about the fourth installment the wizards are dealing with some pretty mature themes.

Anyway, the reason for this post is her use of the word “merking.”  Has anyone else ever heard the verb/adjective MERK before?  I found it in the urban dictionary, and it means a lot of different things:


1. to kill someone
2. to beat someone in a game
3. to insult someone
4. to injure someone

adj. (merked)
1. looking unkempt
2. looking real stoned/drunk

Look at ya, ya just got merked bitch.
You’re merked.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be my new “bold.”