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Quote of the Day!

2007 September 14

Cranky female biker this morning: “If you’re going to f#@&ing pass me, go faster than I’m going.”
Me: “Pfft.”

– maybe she should take the pole out of her ass and stay at a consistant speed.

Toronto Life – Condoland

2007 August 7

This is the cover of the current issue of Toronto Life Magazine.  Can you read the small print?  My favourite part is “The condo owners have had it.”  Maybe they should move to Oakville.

My Toronto: Fascists & Crazies!

2007 August 7

Spacing Magazine is hosting a video contest called My Toronto: “Do you think you can make a commercial for Toronto that’s better than those ad agency campaigns?”  I’m going to start putting together my own 30-second commercial for Toronto featuring all the strange and wonderful people of this city.

Submissions are due September 7, 2007.

Only in Toronto

2007 July 21


Signs on Palmerston Avenue, between Dundas and Queen.

In doing a bit of research into these signs, and hence By-law 522-78, I found similar pictures on a bunch of other blogs.  Apparently a lot of other people are as confused as I am.  I actually found out very little.  The City of Toronto’s website gives no insight as to what exactly By-law 522-78 says, or why it came to be in the first place [obviously someone who hates kids with pull in City Hall made a phone call.]  I think there are archives of all the old by-laws somewhere – I might look into it at a further date.  What I could find out is that these signs date back to at least 1993.  Hopefully there have been generations of kids breaking this law. 

Fucking fascists.