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2007 September 1

2.  Anthony Kiedis


Today one of the guys I’ll be coaching this fall told me – “You look exactly like that guy from Red Hot Chilli Peppers.”  I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean Flea.


2007 August 17

Some people are often told they look like a particular celebrity – as in, “Oh you look just like Kirsten Dunst.”  “Yeah, I get that all the time.”

I, on the other hand, am often told I look like all kinds of different celebrities (ie somebody once told me I looked just like Steven Seagal, of all people.)

I’m starting list of celebrities that people have told me I resemble.  Today, one of my co-workers claimed that I looked “exactly like that guy from The Pretender.  I mean he could be your father, or you if you were a bit older.”

1. Michael T. Weiss