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Brunswickedly Annoying

2009 February 6

Has anyone ever driven (or ridden their bike) on Brunswick Avenue?  With all the snow around, I’ve been trying to pay an extra amount of attention to street signs and such, and recently I came to the conclusion that this is one of the most stupidly-planned roads on which I’ve ever driven. 

Between College Street and Bloor Street (which is only ONE major block) the direction of traffic changes a rediculous 6 TIMES!!  Just north of College, Brunswick is 2-way traffic.  Then it changes to  south-driving traffic only.  Then north only.  Then south.  Then north again!  Just when you think it couldn’t possibly change one more time, it does: at Bloor it goes back to being north-only.  

Now I’m not a professional urban planner, but I kind of wonder how this hasn’t yet been fixed by the city.  Upon further inspection on google maps, I discovered that many of Brunswick’s neighbouring streets are similarly (but not quite so-terribly) oriented.  Can’t they just make one street northbound and the next southbound?

Quote of the Day!

2007 October 1

“. . . for example, you could power the entire continent of Africa on a very minimal amount of solar power!”

-a man (emphatically) assures his female companion on Brunswick Avenue yesterday afternoon.