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italycollege sex video

2009 March 1

For those of you not too familiar with all the technical blog mumbo-jumbo, I’ll let you know that it’s possible to see the terms people used to find your blog via search engines on the internet.  Today I had the best one ever show up on my blog stats page:

italycollege sex video


TTC Sexytime

2009 February 18

Poetry on the Way is a cultural program placing short bits of verse on TTC subway cars, buses and streetcars around the city.  I’ve seen these poems sporadically over the course of my two years in Toronto, but find them mostly banal.  Today, however, I read one called Escondido Night, by Jim Christy – and let’s just say the metaphor it suggests is a little, er, racy.

The moon is the shape
Of this hidden cove
fishing boats are constellations
We floated through a heaven
that glittered phosphorescent
like plankton in tinfoil
And paused between a pair:
Aurorita and Viridiana, to thrash about like comets just
Let out of school.
And continued on a light year
later      Moondust in my mouth
And all over your body

Whew!  I need a cigarette after that.

(photo from blogTO)

TO’s Sexy Secrets

2009 February 13

This week’s NOW Toronto is entitled The Love and Sex Issue

Within it, you can read the answers to a bunch of polls and stuff; however, the most fascinating/disturbing part is called Share A Sexy Secret of Yours That Would Surprise or Shock Others.

Here’s what all you Torontonians crazies had to say:

  • I’m turned on by hockey jerseys.
  • I fooled around with my mom’s co-worker and her husband.
  • I fantasize about being fucked by an elephant.
  • I get most turned on when my partner does things to me while I pretend to be asleep.
  • I love masturbating with my window open when it’s raining.
  • I used to plug myself with Barbie dolls. Think about it!
  • My wife and I sometimes pretend we are siblings.
  • Seeing as most of my friends don’t know I’m a lesbian, that would probably be it.
  • When we were young, my neighbour and I used to let her dog lick our pussies.
  • Drinking blood is hot.
  • For casual encounters I need to be wearing a bubblegum-pink bob wig.
  • Fucked almost the whole football team in college.
  • Getting fingered in a mosh pit.
  • Although I was raped, rape fantasies still get me off.
  • I had an affair when I was 15 with my best friend’s mother.
  • I like toes in my vag.
  • I love being filmed or photographed while having sex, masturbating, etc.
  • I lost a small vibrator in my bum once.
  • I’ve only had sex with two people. The second person doesn’t know that.
  • My boyfriend of almost two years has still never really seen me completely naked.
  • My hubby gets the best boner when I wear a straitjacket for sex.
  • I have done sexual things with men I am not physically attracted to just so I could explore various kinks.
  • I once let my boyfriend throw a pie in my face as foreplay.
  • I have a fantasy of watching my parents fuck.
  • I learned how to kiss from my sister.
  • I still have sex with my sister.
  • I used to have sex regularly with farm animals.
  • I’ve paid to get trampled and ass-fucked by a dominatrix. It was hot.
  • Received oral in a gay bar dark room in Amsterdam, while my wife stood at my side.
  • I once masturbated with a cherry inside my pussy, then ate it after I came – yum.
  • Bestiality turns me on.

Just for fun, I thought I’d post the amazing music video of the 1992 song called L.S.I. (Love, Sex, Intelligence) by The Shamen.  Some of you may remember this from the MuchMusic disc Dance Mix ’94.

One Way To Say iLove You

2009 January 22

I forgot I had this photo saved on my camera.  I saw this sign in the window of the adult shop Miss Behav’n on Queen Street West during the holiday shopping season.  What more could you (or your girlfriend) want than a pair of iPod panties?

iPod Panty

The Toronto Rejection Hotline

2008 April 26

(647) 476-4910

I heard about this last night for the first time.  And, no, a girl did not give it to me when I asked for her digits.  I almost wish that had happened though.  I’m definitely using it sometime . . .

“Hello, this is not the person you were trying to call.  You’ve reached the Rejection Hotline, provided by  Unfortunately the person who gave you this number did not want you to have their real number.  We know this sucks, but don’t be too devistated.  So anyway, why were you given the rejection hotline?  Maybe you’re just not this person’s type.  Note: this could mean boring, annoying, ugly, or just a general weirdo . . .”

It goes on, but I got kind of tired of listening to it.  Also, you must check this out.

Is That Bathhouse Wheelchair Accessible?

2007 August 5

I just read this strange, yet enlightening article in NOW Magazine: Acsexxxability Activists Take Bath.

Who knew there was such a niche party-market as “sex-and-disabilities?” Apparently it has been problematic finding a bathhouse that’s both accessible and sex-positive. I guess if you can’t get there you can’t do it. But does that limit these people to doing the nasty only with other disabled people? Would “abled” people (that must be the opposite, right?) attend a party entitled Acsexxxable?


Here’s my favourite quote: “I want to be the girl you picture naked,” says the voice-over of Loree Erickson’s Want, as intense making out occurs onscreen between her (in a wheelchair) and another woman.