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Make It Work It Fame Money

2009 January 28

A kid that I used to coach has an EP available for sale on iTunes (Scotty Dynamo – EP).  I found this out a while ago, but I just kind of looked into it today.  He has a website as well as a wicked myspace page, including 3094 friends.  I don’t exactly know about myspace, but that would be a lot on facebook. 

It’s electronic-infused hip-hop, and the 3 songs are actually pretty great!  Scotty Dynamo should collaborate with Syrus!!

I Get On (The TTC)

2008 December 5

This awesomeness, by Syrus (featuring Randal), speaks raps for itself.  The best line of the song is “Takin’ public transportation, never in a dealership.”  It sort of sounds like Kanye’s Love Lockdown, only way better.

Thanks to my roommate (and indirectly to Brad Buset) for making me aware of this.