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PR-type by Day, Passionate Home Cook by Night

2009 January 27

My friend Amanda has a (relatively) new blog, mise en place, about cooking and eating in Toronto.

On a related note, Amanda and I share the passion for going out for breakfast.  Recently we discussed our favourite breakfast spots in the city, and her list was full of places I’d never been to.  Her #1 place was simply called B and was located in the Roncesvalles area.  B has sadly closed down.  Her other recommendations are still around, however.  I’ve already checked out the French bakery Le Gourmand (Queen/Spadina), and she also suggests Zoë’s Bakery Cafe (King West),and The Epicure Cafe (Queen West).

Happy eating!

The History of Geography

2007 August 22

Have a look at this enlightening article from yesterday’s Toronto Star: Soldier’s Story Forever Etched in City Streets.  I was just wondering the other day about the process of naming city streets and neighbourhoods.  Roncesvalles Village, also known as Toronto’s Little Poland, was one of those places that, if you could even pronounce it, you probably wondered where the name came from.