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Look Classy, Get Wasted

2009 June 3

Last night I was exposed to your new Toronto summer patio cocktail: the Suspicious Package.

Ingredients = white wine (5 oz) + vodka (1 oz)

If you increase the vodka:wine ratio, you can change the name to a Letter Bomb.  In this case, you have to try to pick ingredients that start with A and Z (i.e. Absolute + white Zinfandel).

Shout out to my friend Kristina, who I believe invented this.  According to the guy I was talking to about this drink last night, the reason this is a great cocktail is because white wine gets your buzz on fast and when you drink vodka you think you’re fine for a while and then all of a sudden it hits you like a truck later on.  Mixing the two gives you a perfect and constant inebriation!

The NY Times Does Toronto

2009 May 18

In yesterday’s Sunday edition of the New York Times, an article appeared fawning over the city of Toronto.

The featured journalist, Danny Lee, makes a few suspect claims (streetcars trolleys run like clockwork??), and he seems to be so enamoured with the West End (West Queen West/College/Ossington) that almost all his recommendations take you there.  Otherwise, it’s a pretty glowing review of our beloved city.  The only thing is, who is reading this?  I might guess that most people reading the Sunday NY Times would be more interested in cocktails in Yorkville than at Sweaty Betty’s.  But I digress.

What it all comes down to is that TZero is actually a great, interesting, diverse city that can be an attractive destination for people even from one of the greatest, most interesting and most diverse cities in the whole world.

It’s Always Sunny On Dundas

2009 April 30

A little bar recently opened up around the corner from my house called Opera Bob’s Public House.  This is definitely going to be my new local for the summer.

Drinks are cheap, there’s a tight little pub grub menu, and the bartender/owner we had was both interesting and funny (and it was his first shift ever bartending!)  When asked by my roommate what the patrons have been like, the guy told us that it’s neither the Ossington hipsters nor the Dundas crazies.  Sounds good to me!

They play sports on the tvs, which will include UFC once they get the go-ahead from the pay-per-view people.  The front window rolls up like a garage door, and it’s nearly directly across the street from Trinity Bellwoods Park, so it’ll be a great place to get a BEvERage following an intense tennis match or a lazy day in the sun.

This place kind of reminds me of the bar from the FX tv show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, mostly because it’s owned by 4 dudes and the one serving us was pretty hilarious.  If you haven’t seen this show yet, here’s a clip.  For some reason, embedding of these previews has been disabled, so you’ll have to click on the url . . .

Opera Bob’s Public House is located at 1112 Dundas Street West.  It’s open daily, from 5pm – 2am.

The Toronto Rejection Hotline

2008 April 26

(647) 476-4910

I heard about this last night for the first time.  And, no, a girl did not give it to me when I asked for her digits.  I almost wish that had happened though.  I’m definitely using it sometime . . .

“Hello, this is not the person you were trying to call.  You’ve reached the Rejection Hotline, provided by  Unfortunately the person who gave you this number did not want you to have their real number.  We know this sucks, but don’t be too devistated.  So anyway, why were you given the rejection hotline?  Maybe you’re just not this person’s type.  Note: this could mean boring, annoying, ugly, or just a general weirdo . . .”

It goes on, but I got kind of tired of listening to it.  Also, you must check this out.

The Incredibe Torontonian

2008 March 14

Hulk 2 . . . er, I mean, The Incredible Hulk hits theatres June 13.  According to its imdb page, “due to the disappointing performance of Hulk (2003), Marvel decided to start the franchise afresh with a totally new creative team and cast.”  What does this have to do with Toronto, you ask??  Well, the movie filmed up here in Hollywood North last fall.

You can clearly see that the big fight scene at the end of the trailer takes place on Yonge Street (note: Zanzibar Strip Club Tavern and the Sam The Record Man neon signs @ 1:46 ).  Also, the brief moment (0:42) where Ed Norton is in the rain on the bridge is totally on Cherry Street in the portlands.  And I was there!

PS I ♥ Liv Tyler

Schizophrenic Insanity

2007 October 10

So I did, indeed, go to the grand opening of CiRCA on Friday night.   It certainly has a different feel than the other clubs I’ve visited in Toronto (This Is London, Mod Club).  The party on Fridays is called Randomland, and a better name there could not be.  First of all, this place looks like the inside of a UFO – or what one might imagine a the inside of a UFO from a cliched 1980s b-movie about aliens to look like – all stainless steel and strobes.  And the music was good, the majority being experimental electro remix.  Some random on the dancefloor told me that Justice was spinning for part of the night, but I’m not sure if that’s true.  We arrived around 1 am and were pretty trashed, but the venue was certainly a feast for my senses.  The place is HUGE (53 000 square feet to be exact) split up onto 4 levels.  Actually, the layout seemed a bit confusing, as there were many partial-floors, hidden rooms, and winding hallways – we found ourselves spiraling through the venue all night long, looking for ways to ascend and descend between levels.  The place is also filled with a bunch of interesting pockets for partying: a unisex bathroom complete with it’s own bar and dance area; a suspended glass cube VIP area overlooking the main dancefloor; an amazing bar that lit up in response to the touch of patrons; a weird hallway art gallery accessed by a door that reads Employees Only; and a room filled with furnature that appeared to be Hello Kitty characters smoking cigarettes.  There was also a dance area intimately close to the DJ (see above video), which was pretty rad, and a speaker system that literally and figuratively blew me away.  There was so much other interesting stuff that I can’t even remember half of it.  I’ll be sure to get back there sometime, although I might try it on a Saturday next time to see what the Traffic party is like compared to Randomland Fridays.

A Crazy Land of Random Dopeness

2007 October 5

So tonight I’m going to the grand opening of the new club CiRCA.  It’s hard to believe a venue could have so many people talking about it for so long, but this place’s opening has been a long time in the works.  Delivered to us by the former king of the NYC club scene, Peter Gatien, tonight CiRCA may be the coolest club in the world.  Even if it lives up to it’s hype, this place will have to be really amazing to survive, what with a questionable market for new clubs in TO – not to mention a 3000 person capacity!  Anyway, last night was the invite-only pre-grand opening party featuring a performance by Missy Elliot and welcoming Paris Hilton, among others.  Tonight, they’re saying there’ll be a very special guest: “one of the most instrumental people in electronic music, who laid the groundwork for not only the birth of electro music, but the nu rave culture-moment itself that has swept the entire world and is only getting crazier by the day.” I’ll report back tomorrow with details.


Dance. Rock. Revolution. Rave.

The New Midtown Sucks

2007 August 19

Remember that great old College Street bar, The Midtown?  Well the owner sold it recently and the new owners are making sweeping changes.  From basically firing the entire staff, to having the tables set with white linens and bottles of wine, to a prominent sign on the front reading “dress code in effect,” this place is nothing like what it used to be.  I rode my bike by there on Wednesday (which used to be their busiest night) and at midnight it was basically empty.  Pfft.