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Plea-se Tell Me

2009 August 3

Who is Mrs. Nixon, anyway?

UPDATE: it’s about the Royal Bank vs. the Tarsands or something.

This Is Not Sidewalk Art

2009 July 19

I recently walked past this Pepsi advertisement PAINTED ON THE SIDEWALK on Wellesly Street.

Is no place communal territory anymore?  Must I be inundated with ads even as I stare at my feet, meandering around the city?

Funny thing is, I actually thought this Pespi Word Play Campaign was cool – until now.

Goodbye L.C. Hello Photoshop?

2009 March 3

Any of you who have taken a ride on the TTC in the last few months have obviously seen this advertisement plastered all over the subway cars:

Is it just me or does this chick have a wonky-eye? 

I imagine she doesn’t really, considering she’s the star of an MTV spinoff reality show (okay, that might not be that great.)  But don’t you think the marketers could have chosen a better pic of Whitney Port, or at least put it through the retoucher machine?

Trashy Toronto

2009 February 14

With the unseasonably warm weather (uh . . . it’s February), the city is basically melting.  And revealed beneath that snow and ice  is all the crap everyone threw on the ground over the course of the last 3 months!  Nearly everywhere I go, there are countless cigarette butts, fast food trash, plastic bags, et al.  Pick up your damn garbage next winter!

One more thing . . . to all those people rejoicing because they think spring has come early: it is 100% going to snow again, and we’ll have to go through this all again next month.

Brunswickedly Annoying

2009 February 6

Has anyone ever driven (or ridden their bike) on Brunswick Avenue?  With all the snow around, I’ve been trying to pay an extra amount of attention to street signs and such, and recently I came to the conclusion that this is one of the most stupidly-planned roads on which I’ve ever driven. 

Between College Street and Bloor Street (which is only ONE major block) the direction of traffic changes a rediculous 6 TIMES!!  Just north of College, Brunswick is 2-way traffic.  Then it changes to  south-driving traffic only.  Then north only.  Then south.  Then north again!  Just when you think it couldn’t possibly change one more time, it does: at Bloor it goes back to being north-only.  

Now I’m not a professional urban planner, but I kind of wonder how this hasn’t yet been fixed by the city.  Upon further inspection on google maps, I discovered that many of Brunswick’s neighbouring streets are similarly (but not quite so-terribly) oriented.  Can’t they just make one street northbound and the next southbound?

Miss, I’m Going To Have To ttC You Off The Train

2008 November 28

Click here to read a hilariously typical story about the TTC.

Whatever Happened to Paper Bags?

2008 November 26

Toronto’s mayor, David Miller, put forth a proposal today stating that, starting sometime in the future, all retail stores in the city would have to charge 5-cents for every plastic bag used to pack up one’s purchases.  This comes after negotiations between the mayor and the heads of the Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors, retooling a former proposal that would see a 10-cent discount for every plastic bag not used.  For the bylaw to pass, it still needs to be voted on my city council.

What I don’t get is why people can’t just take reusable bags with them when they go shopping.  Okay, I realize that sometimes you pass by a store and realize that you need to grab something.  Your shopping trip was unplanned.  You didn’t forcast bringing a bag with you.  However, I know from my own experience, and those of every family member and roommate I’ve ever lived with, that for the majority of the time (especially regarding grocery shopping) people know when they’re headed out to buy stuff.  When I leave my house for the supermarket, I automatically get my reusable bags from their place in my kitchen and take them with me.  Just like I remember to take my keys so I’m not locked out of my house.  People who always drive to the store could just keep them in their car.  It really takes nearly no extra effort.  Those who don’t do it are just lazy.

Why charge only 5 cents?  A lot of lazies are not going to care about spending an extra 30 cents at the check-out.  I bet if the cost was 50-cents a bag, or if stores only made available the 99-cent reusable bags, most people would start remembering to bring their own bags along with them from time-to-time.

On a related note, the Toronto Star did an article last year called Battle of the Supermarket Bags, to help you to decide which kind of reusable shopping bags to get.

One of Many Reasons I’m Glad I Don’t Go to York

2008 November 26

York University teaching staff has been on strike for 3 weeks!  Negotiations between strikers and school officials are apparently not going that well.  Interesting fact: York’s teaching assistants are already the highest paid in Canada!

If you happen to be a York Lion, you might want to check out the school’s special site for disrupted students.

York is Canada’s third largest university, and is located in the middle of nowhere.

A Croc of Shit

2008 November 24

I’m not quite sure how I missed it up until this point in my life, but there is an ENTIRE CROCS STORE located near Queen and Spadina.  Although I’ve never owned a pair of Crocs, they are to shoes what Texas is to travel for me: that which I need not experience to know that I never need to.

I found this hilarious review of the store (by Connie T.) and I couldn’t have said it better myself:

“Uh, what sane person on Queen West would walk into this store and take a beating to their boutique cred? Like that Facebook group states, ‘I Don’t care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass.’

I stepped in, more out of curiosity than anything else, and was bowled over by how many ugly shoes and colours were packed into one location. It blew my mind.

But I think more than anything else, I don’t get why this store is where it is. It would seem more appropriate in the Eaton Centre or Dufferin Mall. In fact, I’ve passed by a number of times throughout the day and no one is ever inside. Big surprise.”

The Crocs store is located at 356 Queen Street West.

Let’s Start a Cheap Advertising Campaign

2008 November 17

About a month or so ago I saw some stencil graffiti spray-painted on the sidewalks and recycling & trash receptacles near my house.

The smaller ones actually said, although I don’t have a picture of one of these.

I assumed that this was some sort of guerrilla grassroots activist group or something along those lines.  ‘Fraid not.  Typing in the url leads you to an advertisement for some band named The Artist Life‘s new album, entitled Let’s Start a Riot.

After wasting my time going to take a picture of the damn thing, and then actually looking it up on the web only to find some dumb sales site that is basically using illegal advertising, I was pretty disappointed.