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U of T Football Really Sucks!

2007 September 26

I currently work for U of T athletics as a coach, so I was surprised to read in this morning’s Toronto Star that the U of T Varisty Blues football squad has lost their last 45 straight games!  45 in a row!!  Their average loss has been 52-11 and they’ve lost 72-0 twice.  That really sucks.  Apparenly, they are only 2 losses away from an all-time Canadian University losing-streak record.  Can you believe that there has been another team that has lost that much?

Read the article U of T teaching lesson in mediocrity.  My favourite quote is: “The company line seems to be that U of T is chronically handicapped by high academic standards (a problem, funnily enough, that never seems to send Queen’s to the basement).”

Breakfast Crawl: Mars Restaurant

2007 July 18


Going out for breakfast is really one of my passions.  I love the general consistancy of the breakfast meal – I can go pretty much anywhere to get my eggs and breakfast meat, and it’s the minor details that make the experience range from lackluster to superfantastic.  Having lived in Montréal (in my opinion, the world’s best breakfast destination) for 4 years, I have high expectations.  I also lived in Kingston for a year, a city which claims to have more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in North America. I went out for breakfast a lot while I was there last year, and I was pretty sad to leave after compiling a list of great places to recover from a hangover. That being said, after living here for only a couple of months, I’ve found Toronto to be more of a weekend brunch type of place than a breakfast city. I have had some good morning meals so far, but it’s hard to find places to go, as a lot of restaurants aren’t even open in the a.m.  This morning I went for a walk, not really intending on going out to eat. Before I knew it though, I found myself in front of Mars Restaurant – a place I’d passed many a time. Located just to the East of College/Bathurst, Mars claims to have “out of this world” food, and all-day breakfast. Today I just couldn’t resist. The “greasy spoon” is really a sub-genre of breakfast establishments. Some people who love going out for breakfast hate greasy spoons. I happen to love them. They usually have delicious food, pleasant (or pleasantly snarky) staff, and, most importantly, cheap prices.  Mars measured up in all of these catergories.  The decor was classic diner-style, and since alone, I opted to sit at the bar.  I loved watching the waitress take my order, and then yell it to the cook, who was standing about 3 feet away.  In this case, I had a pleasant server, and the only snarkiness was from the chef when I tried to start up a conversation with him while he was cooking.  I settled for the complementary newspaper instead of conversation.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could have my eggs poached as well as choose rye toast.  Often those options are too “specialty” for some low-budg places.  The food turned out to be great, and my bill (including a bottomless cup of coffee) rang in at $5.77.  Not bad at all.  I’ll definitely keep this place in my rotation.  It’s not one of those places that you rave to people about, but it’s a great local staple (having been established sometime in the early ’50s) that will always be there when you it need to greet the weary-morning-you any day of the week.

Mars Restaurant is located at 432 College Street, and is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m.