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This Is Not Sidewalk Art

2009 July 19

I recently walked past this Pepsi advertisement PAINTED ON THE SIDEWALK on Wellesly Street.

Is no place communal territory anymore?  Must I be inundated with ads even as I stare at my feet, meandering around the city?

Funny thing is, I actually thought this Pespi Word Play Campaign was cool – until now.

Cut ‘n Paste Toronto

2009 January 26

I just came across a flyer from Toronto Tourism’s 2007 Holiday Campaign.  I think the collaged images are really fresh and interesting, and certainly depict what it’s actually like in some of TO’s most iconic areas (Bloor-Yorkville, Queen West, Old Town Toronto, and Downtown Yonge).

The entire ad campaign can be viewed at;  also, here’s a link to Warren Brown Blog – he being the guy who created these images that I like so much.

Attention All Mods

2008 May 13

What’s the deal with these things? They’re obviously advertisements for Vespa, but they’re strangely only found on the windows of out-of-business stores. I’ve noticed them along Queen Street West and College Street.

Interesting advertising technique.

Quote of the Day!

2007 October 24


I see this billboard every morning on my way down to the portlands.  How do you become an advice columnist, anyway?  What makes this woman any better at living than the rest of us?