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Dust Off Your Bike

2009 March 25

Unless you’re like me and have been riding your bicycle throughout the winter, you’re probably thinking right about now that it’s high time to get your wheels out.  Conveniently, the U of T Mountain Bike Team is having a spring bike tune-up fundraiser!

Get ready to get fit, increase your vitamin D intake, and cruise past the suckers stuck in traffic!

TV Worth Watching

2009 February 2

I saw this poster in the subway car today, and I learned something new!  It’s actually advertisement for the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics, at the University of Toronto.

U of T Football Really Sucks!

2007 September 26

I currently work for U of T athletics as a coach, so I was surprised to read in this morning’s Toronto Star that the U of T Varisty Blues football squad has lost their last 45 straight games!  45 in a row!!  Their average loss has been 52-11 and they’ve lost 72-0 twice.  That really sucks.  Apparenly, they are only 2 losses away from an all-time Canadian University losing-streak record.  Can you believe that there has been another team that has lost that much?

Read the article U of T teaching lesson in mediocrity.  My favourite quote is: “The company line seems to be that U of T is chronically handicapped by high academic standards (a problem, funnily enough, that never seems to send Queen’s to the basement).”

Books! For Sale!

2007 September 1

24th Woodsworth College Alumni BOOKSALE
Kruger Hall, University of Toronto – 119 St. George Street

Tuesday, Sept. 11 10am – 7pm (admission $2/free with student card)
Wednesday, Sept. 12 10am – 7pm (free)
Thursday, Sept. 13 10am – 7pm (free)
Friday, Sept. 14 10am – 7pm (free)
Saturday, Sept. 15 10am – 5pm (free – special 1/2 price sale)

Need more information?  Please call Wiebke Smythe 416.493.1947 or 416.978.5301

Great Selection – Low Prices
Proceeds used for Student Awards.