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Okay, Okay, Blue Jays, Blue Jays

2009 April 24

The Toronto Blue Jays are the #1 team in the entire MLB.  Their record stands at 12-5 and they have won all five of their series so far this year.

Let’s Play Ball!

Dust Off Your Bike

2009 March 25

Unless you’re like me and have been riding your bicycle throughout the winter, you’re probably thinking right about now that it’s high time to get your wheels out.  Conveniently, the U of T Mountain Bike Team is having a spring bike tune-up fundraiser!

Get ready to get fit, increase your vitamin D intake, and cruise past the suckers stuck in traffic!

Back in the Big Smoke!

2008 November 2

I was out of the country for a few months.  Then I was ultra-busy with my job for a while.  But now I’m back!  And I obviously have lots of things on which I want to make commentary.

Some of the stuff that has changed since I left:

1. The AGO has an opening date – November 14! – although if you drive by its Dundas Street location, it looks as if they’ll need an army of people working around the clock to have it ready for the public in 2 weeks.

2. The U of T football team actually won a game! (2 in fact, whodathunkit?)  In beating the Waterloo Warriors on September 1, 2008 (and subsequently, beating the York Lions on September 13) the Varsity Blues broke a 49-game (and nearly 7 YEAR!) losing streak.  Good for you, Blues, good for you.

3. The stock market plummeted.  A (figurative) rain cloud hovers above the Bay Street financial district.

Some of the stuff that has NOT changed since I last wrote:

1. The Bay begins decorating for the Christmas season about 2 weeks prior to Halloween.

2. The Trump International Hotel & Tower is still just a big pit in the ground.

3. The Toronto Maple Leafs (despite being the most valuable NHL francise, according to Forbes Magazine) still suck.

I sure am glad to be back in Tzero!

Get Your 10-Speed Out!

2008 May 26

Today is the first day of Toronto Bike Month!

Back in 1988 the City of Toronto created Bike-to-Work Day. Eventually, this became Bike week. Now, for the first time ever, this event is morphing into an entire month of bike-related activities. “The Bike Month 2008 calendar of events will include events that encourage commuter, utilitarian, and recreational cycling. Come check out Bike Month: Toronto’s Festival for Cycling Culture, May 26 – June 21 2008, from fast pace racing to community meetings there’ll be something for everyone.”

Get out there and encourage the city to create more bike lanes, install more parking facilities for bikers, and promote biking as a healthy and inexpensive – and hopefully safe – way to get around Toronto!

Quote of the Day

2008 May 11

“It’s called SkyDome.”

– one of the 100 Blue Jays fans asked by Toronto Life magazine ( June ’08 ) what the Rogers Centre has that is comparable to Fenway’s Green Monster or Wrigley’s ivy.

Next time I go to a Jays game, I’m taking a poster with this quote on it. By the way, I was on the JumboTron last monday!

Are You Red-y?

2008 April 28

The Toronto Raptors face off against the Orlando Magic tonight in Florida.  It’s must-win for the Raps, as they trail the Magic 3-1 in the best-of-7 first-round series.

It kinda sucks that Toronto hasn’t seen a major league sports championship title in a decade and a half.


UPDATE:  They lost 102-92.  Oh well – they did better than the Leafs.


2008 April 26

Let the chaos ensue.

Maybe this will lead to some increased attention to bicycle safety and awareness in the city.

New Greenspace – Yes!

2007 October 12


A huge new sports field will be opening soon in the Toronto Portlands.  It seems like an unlikely place for a sports facility, what with the neighbour to the north being a garbage transfer station, and no restidential area even within walking distance.  On the other hand, there are a bunch of other sports happening in the area: the Hanlan Boat Club (rowing), Toronto Multihull Cruising Club (sailing), and the Docks Waterfront Driving Range (golf).  Plus, this field is tagged as transitional, with a life of around 10 years, and will lead the area’s revitalization with the development of new parks and public spaces and increasing waterfront recreational opportunities.  The area is set to become Lake Ontario Park, which will include more playing fields, parkland including new treed areas, and children’s playgrounds.  This is pretty cool, because the city could easily have set this area up for development of residential/commercial mix being as close as it is to downtown.  Check out the official newsletter for this area, and the website for the waterfront in general.


Toronto, with its natural harbour and islands, could be one of the world’s premier port cities with Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and Hong Kong.  Let’s hope the development of the eastern end of the waterfront goes better than that of the western end (aka Condoland).

U of T Football Really Sucks!

2007 September 26

I currently work for U of T athletics as a coach, so I was surprised to read in this morning’s Toronto Star that the U of T Varisty Blues football squad has lost their last 45 straight games!  45 in a row!!  Their average loss has been 52-11 and they’ve lost 72-0 twice.  That really sucks.  Apparenly, they are only 2 losses away from an all-time Canadian University losing-streak record.  Can you believe that there has been another team that has lost that much?

Read the article U of T teaching lesson in mediocrity.  My favourite quote is: “The company line seems to be that U of T is chronically handicapped by high academic standards (a problem, funnily enough, that never seems to send Queen’s to the basement).”

Breakfast Crawl: Friendly’s Grill – All Day Breakfast

2007 September 26

Although the sign above this place reads: Friendly’s Grill – All Day Breakfast, apparently its official name is Friendly Sports Bar & Grill.  Regardless, the people who work there are pretty darned friendly.  I spotted this place en route to St. Joe’s Hospital last night after a crazy opened their driver’s side door into the bike lane on College St., sending me flying into oncoming traffic.  Luckily, I suffered only some road rash and minor soft tissue damage.

So I decided to check it out this morning.  Upon arrival, the chalkboard in front announced the special: before 11:45am, the 4 egg breakfast is just $4.95!  Sold.  I inquired as to whether is was okay if I sat at the front table by the window, and the cook seemed perplexed as to why I was even asking in the first place.  Before sitting down, he had already taken my order (which basically consisted of asking what kind of meat I wanted and what colour toast – egg variety, apparently, is not a choice).  I went to buy a paper, and when I came back my coffee was waiting for me on my table.  This place is a bit dark, so I suggest sitting up front unless you want to watch SportsCentre on the giant screen tv at the rear.

The breakfast arrived shortly, served by another friendly employee.  I got 3 strips of excellent-quality bacon, 4 eggs (over easy), 2 slices of wheat toast, and some delicious potatoes.  Simple and sweet.  The server came back often to refill my coffee while I lingered over my Toronto Star.  The place was not busy, so I was never rushed and I received my friendly cheque just as I was finishing the last section of the ‘voice of the GTA’.

This place is not ultra close to where I live, nor is it really on the way to any place that I frequent.  I might not make the trek there again for no reason, but if I happen to find myself in the area, I’d definitely give Friendly’s Grill another go.

Friendly’s is located at 1116 Queen St. W (near Dovercourt).  It’s open daily from 9 am.