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2007 July 31

For lunch yesterday I visited The Fish Store & Sandwiches.  I’ve been meaning to grab a sandwich from this place forever, but actually got around to it while I was waiting for my laundry to finish at Splish Splash, just down the street.


I really intended to get my sandwich for takeout, but when I put my order in and she asked if it was “for here or to go” I reconsidered and sat myself down on their quaint patio.  They have newspapers and magazines for patrons to read and it was hard to resist. 

Regarding my order, this place is what-you-see-is-what-you-get.  The whole place is only about as big as my mother’s walk-in closet, so it’s quite accessible.  You have the choice of about a dozen different kinds of fish for your sandwich.  This was a surprise as I thought it would just be a “fish” sandwich, kind of like a filet-o-fish.  Actually, you can have wild Atlantic salmon, lobster, halibut, cod or shrimp, among others.  I got grouper and, wow, was it ever excellent.  Served on a fresh bun (that I think comes from the Golden Wheat Bakery across the street) and garnished with what looks like lettuce but tastes like cilantro.  Mmmmmmm. 

I’m probably having one of these sandwiches at least once a week.

The Fish Store & Sandwiches is located at 657 College Street (at Beatrice) 416.533.2822