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An Abundance of Wu-Tang Related Memorabilia!

2009 April 9

This past weekend, I went to a ‘Book Blast’ being held at this vintage clothing store called Penny Arcade (owned by my friend Gerald’s sister.)  The book being launched was called Youth League, by John O. and according to the author’s website it “depicts an uncertain near future filled with portraits of desperation, violence, and an abundance of Wu-Tang related memorabilia.” 

Truthfully, it was more of a leaflet than a book, but it was cool anyway.  And, some of the characters were wearing some sweet professional sports jerseys!

Youth League was printed in a limited edition of 50 copies and it sold out.  Good thing I got my (signed) copy!

TTC Sexytime

2009 February 18

Poetry on the Way is a cultural program placing short bits of verse on TTC subway cars, buses and streetcars around the city.  I’ve seen these poems sporadically over the course of my two years in Toronto, but find them mostly banal.  Today, however, I read one called Escondido Night, by Jim Christy – and let’s just say the metaphor it suggests is a little, er, racy.

The moon is the shape
Of this hidden cove
fishing boats are constellations
We floated through a heaven
that glittered phosphorescent
like plankton in tinfoil
And paused between a pair:
Aurorita and Viridiana, to thrash about like comets just
Let out of school.
And continued on a light year
later      Moondust in my mouth
And all over your body

Whew!  I need a cigarette after that.

(photo from blogTO)

Shakespeare for Kids!

2007 October 16

I found a flyer at the library for this pretty cool program.  Unfortunately you have to be between 7-12 years old to participate.  I kind of want to take part anyway; I might try to volunteer.  Here’s the info:

Shakespeare in Action at the Sanderson Branch of the Toronto Public Library (327 Bathurst St).  FREE 6-week program, ages 7-12.  November 3 – December 8, Saturdays 2 -4 pm.

Explore the world of magic, wizards, potions, ghosts, swords & witches in three of the greatest stories ever told: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo & Juliet, and Twelfth Night.  Featuring coaching & instruction by professional actors from the Shakespeare in Action theatre company.

Please call the branch for further information or to register: 416.393.7653

Books! For Sale!

2007 September 1

24th Woodsworth College Alumni BOOKSALE
Kruger Hall, University of Toronto – 119 St. George Street

Tuesday, Sept. 11 10am – 7pm (admission $2/free with student card)
Wednesday, Sept. 12 10am – 7pm (free)
Thursday, Sept. 13 10am – 7pm (free)
Friday, Sept. 14 10am – 7pm (free)
Saturday, Sept. 15 10am – 5pm (free – special 1/2 price sale)

Need more information?  Please call Wiebke Smythe 416.493.1947 or 416.978.5301

Great Selection – Low Prices
Proceeds used for Student Awards.

“People Are Merking Each Other and Stuff”

2007 July 21

That is a quote from some chick at a party I was at tonight.  She was talking about the evolution of characters and story lines in the Harry Potter series.  Apparently, by about the fourth installment the wizards are dealing with some pretty mature themes.

Anyway, the reason for this post is her use of the word “merking.”  Has anyone else ever heard the verb/adjective MERK before?  I found it in the urban dictionary, and it means a lot of different things:


1. to kill someone
2. to beat someone in a game
3. to insult someone
4. to injure someone

adj. (merked)
1. looking unkempt
2. looking real stoned/drunk

Look at ya, ya just got merked bitch.
You’re merked.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be my new “bold.”