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Breakfast Crawl: Mimi’s

2007 July 28

I’ve been away from the city this week (hense the lack of posts) and upon my return, was hankering for some good breakfast eats.  Like I’ve said before, it’s becoming apparent that TO is more of a weekend  brunch kinda town.  However, there are also many places to grab a great breakfast on a weekday, it just takes some looking.  I heard of this place Mimi’s – which is pretty close to where I live – a little while ago, and have been eager to give it a try.


This place is pretty inconspicuous: housed under the banner for oak leaf Steam Baths (men only), you might miss this place if you weren’t looking for it specifically.  In fact, even if you were looking, it might be hard to find.  The window is filled with a lot of junk memorabilia and knickknacks, and the neon sign is unlit even when it’s open.


Upon entering this joint, I was immediately enamored.  Its close quarters remind me of one of my favourite breakfast places in Montréal: Chez José.  With 3 booths and a handful of stools at the bar, the place seats less than 20 patrons at its most packed.  Mimi’s is certainly filled with character though.  The walls are almost littered with tons of amazing stuff that could entertain you for a while if you happen to be eating there alone and forgot your newspaper.  Examples of some of Mimi’s great collection include the Star Trek ® Ken & Barbie (still in box), autographed glossies of a bunch of musicians I’ve never heard of, and a bumper sticker that read “This car stops at all big-ass yard sales – and so-and-so’s concerts” (I can’t remember the musician’s name).

Another plus of this place is the staff.  It’s manned (or womanned, I guess) by 2 ladies that unabashedly sang along to most of the songs that played on the stereo.  I’m pretty sure they might be the only people that work there, considering Mimi’s isn’t open very often.  The one who served me was content to leave me be when I was eating and reading my paper, but as soon as I appeared ready to chat, she was there with a coffee refill and some pleasant banter. 

Now for the food . . . the menu is amazing.  Lots of choice and cheap enough, especially considering what you get.  I had eggs and peameal bacon and was not disappointed.  The menu said 2 eggs, but I actually received 3 – poached to perfection.  I also got about 6 slices of toast (they have 7 kinds of bread to choose from, none of which are white), a giant pile of hashbrowns, and 3 thick, delicious pieces of Canadian bacon.  My coffee was served in a one-of-a-kind mug that I’m sure was picked up at a yard sale or came from Mimi’s personal collection.  It said Superstar or something, and boy did I feel like one.  My total bill was about 9 bucks, and well worth every cent.

All in all, this was an excellent place to eat and has probably grabbed top spot in my list of choice places to breakfast in Toronto.  Not everybody likes this kind of bohemian joint, but it’s right up my alley.

Mimi’s Breakfast is located at 218 Bathurst Street, just north of Queen.  It’s open Thursday through Sunday from 10 am – 3 pm.  (416) 703-6464