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Coups, Plagues, and . . . Garbage? Oh My!

2009 July 8

San Francisco Chronicle travel writer Larry Habegger recently listed Toronto at the #1 spot on his list of places around the world that should be on avoided for travel.  Toronto earned this distinction because of the garbage strike that is currently in its third week, resulting in “mounds of trash throughout the city that is known for its cleanliness.”

Rounding out the other top 5 places on the world travel advisory: Honduras (military coup), Mexico (Dengue Fever outbreak), North Africa (Bubonic Plague outbreak), and Thailand (military rule).

Larry must really not like garbage!

(photo from [daily dose of imagery])

Trashy Toronto

2009 February 14

With the unseasonably warm weather (uh . . . it’s February), the city is basically melting.  And revealed beneath that snow and ice  is all the crap everyone threw on the ground over the course of the last 3 months!  Nearly everywhere I go, there are countless cigarette butts, fast food trash, plastic bags, et al.  Pick up your damn garbage next winter!

One more thing . . . to all those people rejoicing because they think spring has come early: it is 100% going to snow again, and we’ll have to go through this all again next month.