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The Future of Biking in TO

2007 July 20


A few months ago, the City of Toronto unveiled a new Bike Plan aimed at increasing infrastructure and services for bikers.  Apparently, in 1995, the former City of Toronto was named Number 1 Cycling City in North America.  I guess someone is interested in reviving the GTA to its former glory.  As of 2003, approximately 8% of people that live in Toronto’s core bike to work, and less than 2% of those living in the surrounding areas do so.

You can read the details of the plan here.

In a completely different realm, we have the European cities of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Copenhagen (Denmark).  If you’ve ever visited either of these fantastic cities, you’ll know biking is a REAL priority for both their citizens and their governments.  This May 4, 2007 article from the Wall Street Journal gives some great insight as to how Toronto can execute their plan in a really successful manner.  40 PERCENT of commuters regularly bike to work in Amsterdam!  And the statistics on biking in American cities are pretty interesting.

Just some thoughts.  Get out there and cycle, everyone!