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2009 March 1

For those of you not too familiar with all the technical blog mumbo-jumbo, I’ll let you know that it’s possible to see the terms people used to find your blog via search engines on the internet.  Today I had the best one ever show up on my blog stats page:

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For the Nutritious You

2009 February 27

My friend Meghan, a holistic nutritionist, recently launched her own nutritional consulting practice.  NutritiousMeg offers workable solutions for health and positive lifestyle.

If you are interested in any information or perhaps are looking to rediscover a healthy balance through diet, lifestyle and supplementation, check out Meghan’s website or the accompanying blog.

PR-type by Day, Passionate Home Cook by Night

2009 January 27

My friend Amanda has a (relatively) new blog, mise en place, about cooking and eating in Toronto.

On a related note, Amanda and I share the passion for going out for breakfast.  Recently we discussed our favourite breakfast spots in the city, and her list was full of places I’d never been to.  Her #1 place was simply called B and was located in the Roncesvalles area.  B has sadly closed down.  Her other recommendations are still around, however.  I’ve already checked out the French bakery Le Gourmand (Queen/Spadina), and she also suggests Zoë’s Bakery Cafe (King West),and The Epicure Cafe (Queen West).

Happy eating!

Cut ‘n Paste Toronto

2009 January 26

I just came across a flyer from Toronto Tourism’s 2007 Holiday Campaign.  I think the collaged images are really fresh and interesting, and certainly depict what it’s actually like in some of TO’s most iconic areas (Bloor-Yorkville, Queen West, Old Town Toronto, and Downtown Yonge).

The entire ad campaign can be viewed at;  also, here’s a link to Warren Brown Blog – he being the guy who created these images that I like so much.

Tomorrow’s Gas Price, Today!

2009 January 25

Surely some of you have heard of the guy they call The Gas Man.  Dan McTeague is the Member of Parliament for Pickering-Scarborough East, and has figured out how to predict what the price will be at gas pumps across Canada a day ahead of time. 

Apparently, what he does is not that hard – it’s a simple calculation based on his subscription ($300/month) to the Oil Price Information Service.  He then posts tomorrow’s gas prices for 7 Canadian cities, including the GTA, consistantly to within a tenth of a cent!  There was an interesting article about him and how it affects him politically in today’s Toronto Star. 

Although the only thing I drive ride is a bike, you might be interested in visiting Mr. McTeague’s website to see what you’ll be paying to fill ‘er up tomorrow morning.

Miss, I’m Going To Have To ttC You Off The Train

2008 November 28

Click here to read a hilariously typical story about the TTC.

Booze Outlets Now!

2008 May 28

My roommate introduced me to pretty much the most amazing and useful internet site for Torontonians: The Beer Hunter! It tells you, at any given moment, how many retail outlets in Toronto are currently selling alcohol. At this particular moment, it’s 10:34 am on Wednesday. There are 184 retail outlets you can get booze in Toronto right now.

Not only does it tell you how many LCBO franchises, Beer Stores, Wine Racks, and independent liquor outlets are open, it shows you a real-time Google map of Toronto with each of their locations and hours of operation!

Now all I need is a liquor-selling location in the old Rogers Video store on College Street.

The Blog I Wanted To Write

2008 March 14

This morning I came across a blog that I thought more than once about creating myself.  Oh well, just more proof that there’s not that much original stuff left to do.

Click here to check out Breakfast in the City, which reviews and comments on just about any breakfast place in TO.