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2009 May 19

Spotted (Monday 9 p.m.): Adam Giambrone, on the patio at Cafe Diplomatico, enjoying the Victoria Day holiday.

I ♥ Toronto pseudo-celebrities.

WWJD In Little Italy?

2009 March 26

The photography place around the corner from my house, Ferreira Photo Studio, is displaying both of the following in their window at present:

The first photo shows Little Italy’s most important VIPs: their ancestors, Jesus, and Princess Diana.  The second photo is self-explanatory.

Goodbye L.C. Hello Photoshop?

2009 March 3

Any of you who have taken a ride on the TTC in the last few months have obviously seen this advertisement plastered all over the subway cars:

Is it just me or does this chick have a wonky-eye? 

I imagine she doesn’t really, considering she’s the star of an MTV spinoff reality show (okay, that might not be that great.)  But don’t you think the marketers could have chosen a better pic of Whitney Port, or at least put it through the retoucher machine?


2009 February 28

As I sometimes like to mention, I work in a fancy restaurant that various celebrities, from A to Z-list, sporadically frequent.  Tonight, I played host to one Michael Cera – star of acclaimed television show (and future feature film) Arrested Development, as well as movies Juno, Superbad and Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist.

The Brampton native, with his friends and family, was pretty underwhelming.  He showed up in much-too-short skinnypants, and talked about things such as how he thought Slumdog Millionaire was cheesy, and (at length) how to correctly calculate a tip.

Seeing celebrities up close kind of ruins the magic for me.

Get Up When a Lady Comes In!

2008 November 29

As I’ve mentioned before, I work in a sort of posh restaurant downtown and we get a regular slew of celebrities passing through, from A list to Z list.  Last night I served Miss Kim Woodburn from the TV show How Clean Is Your House?

Kim’s the one on the left (with the fancy hair.)  She was truly fabulous last night, complete with sunglasses at night and a draft of perfume that could be smelled within an area about the size of a football field.  I had never even heard of this woman, but a lot of people were pretty excited that she was there. Apparently the show is  amazing, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Below is a clip from the show.  “You know what I think you are?  Dirty!”

Bill O’Reilly Must Be Pissed

2008 November 25

This cool notification/graffiti adorns a new construction barrier on College Street around Shaw:

(L to R) Cosby, Gates, Clinton, Murray.

Come On, Ride the Green Train

2008 May 11

I went to my hometown this weekend and who was on the platform beside me as I was waiting for the train to come in? Well if it wasn’t Elizabeth May, the leader of Canada’s federal Green Party! I bet Stéphane Dion and Jack Layton don’t take VIA Rail. Her partner or husband was there to see her off, which reminded me of the fact that Stephen Harper doesn’t hug his children, but rather shakes their hands.

I kind of regret not introducing myself to Ms. May. I’ve read her book “How to Save the World in Your Spare Time” and I’ve seen her speak at Queen’s University. I’ve actually seen a bunch of politicians speak live, and she was the only one who actually answered the questions she was asked in the Q & A periods. She’s very real and very interesting.

She was traveling with a fluorescent green suitcase.

Unleash the Pearly Whites!

2007 September 26

Guess who’s coming to Toronto?  Tony Robbins!


Robbins is the founder of the Anthony Robbins Foundation, which proclaims its mission to empower students, help prisoners to improve their lives, organize food drives, and fund Robbins’ summer “Discovery Camp”.  What a random set of goals.  Anyway, the motivational speaker with chicklets for teeth will be bringing his Unleash the Power Within! Tour to TO on October 18, 2007 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (apparently Toronto was not imporatant enough to warrant it’s welcoming Tony for an entire UTPW weekend – we only get one day):

“One Full Day of Inspiration, Motivation and Entertainment that will ignite your Spirit! For the first time ever under one roof see seven of the most prolific communicators of our time. Live and In Person! You will learn from real-world experts who are the best-of-the-best, in an incredibly entertaining environment that empowers you to take action immediately to transform your life forever.”

I’m not sure what the deal is with the sporadic capitalization, and I also don’t know why somebody who presents themselves as a brand is inconsistant with their name (Tony vs. Anthony).  Although it would probably be inspiring, and definitely funny, I won’t be attending: tickets range from $269 – $595!  That’s outrageous!!  They should call the damn tour Unleash Your Credit Card!

Hey, Hey, You, You Come Eat At My Restaurant

2007 September 11

I have been working so much lately between my two jobs that I haven’t had much time to post on this blog.  If anyone actually reads it, I’m sorry to you.

Anyway, last night was one of the most exciting nights at the restaurant since I began working there.  We had not one, not two, but THREE celebrities eating there, and two of them were actually seriously A-Listers!

First we had Jonathan Demme, the Academy Award winning director of The Silence of the Lambs, and this year’s Jimmy Carter documentary, Man From Plains.  He’s in TO presenting his film at the TIFF.  Then we had 90’s star Frank Whaley, who at one time was a legitimate actor – you may remember him as the loser store worker who hangs with Jennifer Connelly in Career Oportunities.  He also had a part in Pulp Fiction.  Then . . . then, we had one of the biggest stars in music right now eating in one of our private rooms: Avril Lavigne!  She looked like just a regular, normal person and was apparently extremely nice and gracious to her server.  Interesting as the media often paints a picture of her as being a self-absorbed and rude brat.  She also brought along her bodyguard who hung out at the sushi bar all night drinking Evian.  I wonder why Avril wasn’t in Vegas for the MTV VMAs.  She was nominated for Monster Single of the Year.  She probably knew she was going to lose to Rihanna and decided not to even bother.


Who Wants To Be A C-List Celebrity

2007 September 1

A couple of nights ago, we served Pamela Wallin at the restaurant. 


I actually didn’t know who she was, but found out she was famous somebody when she complained (loudly) about her waiter (not her service), throwing out words such as asshole and terrible.  Anyway, somebody actually had to tell me it was her and I only recall that she was the host of Canada’s version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  Apparently she was also a pretty famous journalist for the CBC, and is now a diplomat, an author, and the incumbent Chancellor for the University of Guelph.