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Search for Toronto’s Best Burger: Groucho’s Gourmet Burgers

2007 September 17

Today my roommate and I were famished after a 30 km bike ride, so we stopped into Groucho’s for a bike to eat.  My opinion of this place changed a few times throughout the experience.  From the outside it looked full of potential.  Then, once we walked in, I kind of felt like I was at a kiosk at an amusement park or something and my enthusiasm waned a bit.  Then we actually got our food:  I orded 2 Groucho’s cheeseburgers plus fries and a soda.  The burgers were big, juicy and delicious, and the toppings were fresh & crisp.  They were also served on a near perfect bun.  It was perhaps a bit ambitious to order two, but I was really, extremely hungry.  I surely couldn’t have eaten a third.  The fries were also good, but my only complaint is that the pop that comes with the combo is only a small – I mean, it’s fountain pop!  Give me a damn large!

Anyway, Groucho’s has 2 locations in TO: 1) 1574 Bayview Avenue, and the one we visited 2) 994 Eglington Avenue West (near Bathurst).  There’s nearly nothing on the internet about this place, so I can’t even tell you its hours of operation.  I’m sure if you went there at a time that you’d like to eat a burger it would likely be open.