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Prime Realestoilets

2009 January 30

I’ve decided to take a survey about the best, worst, and most interesting public restrooms in the city. This used to be a regular topic of conversation with some of my friends when I was at university, and, in my opinion, the best ones were private, clean, had good water fountains, and were sometimes in hidden locations so they provided a certain level of privacy.

I kind of thought of this because I just visited the men’s room in the basement level of Commerce Court and found the most amazing hand dryers I’ve ever used (other than that, the bathrooms aren’t that spectacular.)

I invite everyone who reads this to contribute to the discussion. Post your comments . . .

Never Again, will I trash-talk Kelly Clarkson

2007 August 22

Okay, this is a response to all those people that think I’m terrible for talking poorly of Kelly Clarkson’s recent album, My December.  I just want to put it out there that I think Clarkson is an excellent vocalist, AND I give her props for wanting to take control of her own career and drive her music in the direction in which she wanted it to go.  However, there is no denying the fact that Breakaway is much more appealing as an album to the mass market.  Whether you like the song or not, Sober was not meant to play on the radio.  I don’t know what was going on in Clarkson’s mind when she was writing My December with her band, and I probably never will – but it was totally her choice and she stood by it vehemently which is pretty cool.  She is the one who has to sing the songs day after day, so I guess if I was in her situation I would want to be singing something that was meaningful to me as well. 

Her situation is kind of like the reverse of selling-out, which is pretty rad.  You don’t often hear of people standing by their principles as such, especially when a tonne of money is being thrown at you.