Look Classy, Get Wasted

Last night I was exposed to your new Toronto summer patio cocktail: the Suspicious Package.

Ingredients = white wine (5 oz) + vodka (1 oz)

If you increase the vodka:wine ratio, you can change the name to a Letter Bomb.  In this case, you have to try to pick ingredients that start with A and Z (i.e. Absolute + white Zinfandel).

Shout out to my friend Kristina, who I believe invented this.  According to the guy I was talking to about this drink last night, the reason this is a great cocktail is because white wine gets your buzz on fast and when you drink vodka you think you’re fine for a while and then all of a sudden it hits you like a truck later on.  Mixing the two gives you a perfect and constant inebriation!

2 Responses to “Look Classy, Get Wasted”

  1. Hmorrison Says:

    During my second year university my friends and I got hooked on Cranpaignes – which was basically Champaigne (the 9.00 bottles of Freixenet), an ounce of vodka, and topped of with a splash of cranberry juice. A dangerously delicious combination!

  2. Valeria G. Pate Says:

    Upon my return, still suffering jet lag, it was time to hit the ground running. I had to get ready for the Passaggio Wines 2013 Spring Release Party scheduled at the tasting room in San Francisco a mere 4 days after my return. We had a great turn out – approximately 65 – 70 people. Of the 2012 vintages, I poured Passaggio Unoaked Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, UNMARKED Sauv Blanc, Passaggio Rose Colored Glasses, and the 2011 UNMARKED Pinot Noir. The hands-down favorite white of the night was the 2012 UNMARKED Sauv Blanc. You can purchase this wine at the tasting room in San Francisco or on-line at Passaggio Wines website for $18 retail. Alcohol 13.2% by volume.

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