SUNsplashed Beach Babes

Toronto’s ‘local tabloid-style newspaper’ (their words) puts out their SUNshine Girl Swimsuit Edition 2009 tomorrow – Thursday, March 5.  For some reason the website has not been updated from the 2008 edition, but you’ll be able to pick up this year’s physical copy at newsstands everywhere.  Actually, the Sun’s website kinda sucks in general, what with many links not working correctly.  Therefore, I’m taking you all way back to 2007 to see what it’s actually like on the set of a SUNshine Girl Swimsuit Edition shoot.

Does this make you want to become a SUNshine Girl?

Send your photo (preferably full length) and contact info (email, phone) to:

SUNshine Girl
c/o Toronto Sun Photo Dept.
333 King St. E.
Toronto, ON
M5A 3X5


email photos to

(Entrants must be 18 years of age or older)

One Response to “SUNsplashed Beach Babes”

  1. Parker Says:

    Maybe you should submit your photo.

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