Prime Realestoilets

I’ve decided to take a survey about the best, worst, and most interesting public restrooms in the city. This used to be a regular topic of conversation with some of my friends when I was at university, and, in my opinion, the best ones were private, clean, had good water fountains, and were sometimes in hidden locations so they provided a certain level of privacy.

I kind of thought of this because I just visited the men’s room in the basement level of Commerce Court and found the most amazing hand dryers I’ve ever used (other than that, the bathrooms aren’t that spectacular.)

I invite everyone who reads this to contribute to the discussion. Post your comments . . .


One Response to “Prime Realestoilets”

  1. Amanda Laird Says:

    My favorite bathroom in the whole city is under Yonge and Dundas Square. It’s a couple levels below the street and you have to walk down long, semi-darkened hallways and I am always nervous that I am going to be abducted when I go down there, but it is for this exact reason that the bathroom is so clean and quiet and always stocked with toilet paper. I hesitated to share the location of my favorite restroom because I don’t want people to go there all the time and cause a line up or something else that is irritating about public washrooms.

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