Not Fair! (verdict is still out on the Balance)

I do not have cable or satellite television; however, I do have a pretty substantial antenna.  You would THINK that living in the middle of North America’s 4th (or maybe 5th) largest city, I would be able to watch one of the most important events of recent years (the American Presidential election) on more than one channel.  On the contrary: out of the 14 channels that are watchable with my antenna, only one (1) is reporting on the election.  And that channel???


Just to clarify, this is a joke video.

UPDATE: At 10 pm, election coverage on Fox ended, giving way to a rerun of Seinfeld.  Perfect.


One Response to “Not Fair! (verdict is still out on the Balance)”

  1. b4uno Says:

    This is what is at stake in the election. This radio show is about what is truly at stake in this election, and what we are TRULY voting for. This election can change the mindset of the entire country and could have an effect for years to come. Most people don’t think of it in this way. It’s very surprising. And either way you decide, you will at least be aware and understand the unspoken implications. If you like what you hear, please pass the link on to others who you may think might like it.

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