I’ve heard of Christmas in July, but . . .

This is rediculous!


The Bay on Queen Street started decorating for CHRISTMAS yesterday! It was October 23!  It’s not even Hallowe’en yet!  (Yes, each one of those sentences deserved an exclamation mark.)  As my waitress the other day said, can’t we just have our pagan holiday before we are inundated with the freaking jingle bells?  Do we really need more than 2 complete months of buildup to Christmas?

2 Responses to “I’ve heard of Christmas in July, but . . .”

  1. mineurosissuneurosis Says:

    Just passing through while blog hopping and…

    What a great rapport you had with that waitress. I wish I could have that, but by the time I’m done making all my substitutions (my chicken club must be prepared just so), they usually don’t have the patience to deal with me any longer. Is a little banter too much to ask? I’d even settle for a sarcastic jab about the amount of substitutions.

  2. Back in the Big Smoke! « TZero Says:

    […] 1. The Bay begins decorating for the Christmas season about 2 weeks prior to Halloween. […]

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