Schizophrenic Insanity

So I did, indeed, go to the grand opening of CiRCA on Friday night.   It certainly has a different feel than the other clubs I’ve visited in Toronto (This Is London, Mod Club).  The party on Fridays is called Randomland, and a better name there could not be.  First of all, this place looks like the inside of a UFO – or what one might imagine a the inside of a UFO from a cliched 1980s b-movie about aliens to look like – all stainless steel and strobes.  And the music was good, the majority being experimental electro remix.  Some random on the dancefloor told me that Justice was spinning for part of the night, but I’m not sure if that’s true.  We arrived around 1 am and were pretty trashed, but the venue was certainly a feast for my senses.  The place is HUGE (53 000 square feet to be exact) split up onto 4 levels.  Actually, the layout seemed a bit confusing, as there were many partial-floors, hidden rooms, and winding hallways – we found ourselves spiraling through the venue all night long, looking for ways to ascend and descend between levels.  The place is also filled with a bunch of interesting pockets for partying: a unisex bathroom complete with it’s own bar and dance area; a suspended glass cube VIP area overlooking the main dancefloor; an amazing bar that lit up in response to the touch of patrons; a weird hallway art gallery accessed by a door that reads Employees Only; and a room filled with furnature that appeared to be Hello Kitty characters smoking cigarettes.  There was also a dance area intimately close to the DJ (see above video), which was pretty rad, and a speaker system that literally and figuratively blew me away.  There was so much other interesting stuff that I can’t even remember half of it.  I’ll be sure to get back there sometime, although I might try it on a Saturday next time to see what the Traffic party is like compared to Randomland Fridays.

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