Breakfast Crawl: Le Petit Dejeuner


This morning, following rowing, one of the other coaches and I visited this great little diner Le Petit Dejeuner.  My companion had been here before and highly recommended it, so I was pretty pumped for my breakfast.  The atmosphere of this place really sets you up for an excellent experience:  most of the seats are booths made out of sparkly green naugahyde, and some smooth Aretha Franklin-type soul was playing from the sound system.  The waitress/proprietor (Corrie) approched us to take a coffee order and to inform us that she had not been able to visit the market today and thus fruit was running low.  The crêpes were also apparently not ready yet.  I always kind of like restaurants that are running low on, or out of, some menu items because it indicates (for the most part) freshness of food as well as the lack of mass-production.

LPD’s menu was interesting for having many exceptional items: potato latke instead of hashbrowns, apple coleslaw as a side dish, and the option of fish cakes as a non-traditional alternative to the regular sausage/bacon/ham breakfast meat options.  My friend had an omlette, which looked absolutely delicious.  I had the Hungry Gal Breakfast (which, I was told, was just fine for a hungry guy): a couple of poached eggs, brown toast, the potato pancake + apple coleslaw, and (I couldn’t resist trying out) the fish-for-breakfast.  The cakes – a mixture of salmon & haddock – were fried up nice and crispy and were actually quite tasty.  However, later in the day, I was repeatedly treated to a slightly unwelcome reminder of the the taste; perhaps a reason these have not hit the breakfast menus at Denny’s or The Golden Griddle yet.  I had a regular coffee under the false assumption that it might be included in the price of the (kind of expensive) meal.  I was wrong – it actually cost an additional $1.75.  It was organic and it was good, but I probably would have gone with an espresso or one of the many loose leaf teas had I known.

All in all, this was really a choice place for breakfast in Toronto.  I will surely go back as I’m eager to try some of the other stuff on the menu, especially the delicious-looking eggs benedict that the person in the next booth over was eating, and the Belgian-style waffles that one reviewer claims are “almost too sinful to eat.” 

Le Petit Dejeuner is located at 191 King Street East, just east of Jarvis.  It’s open from 8 am on weekdays, from 9 on Saturdays and from 10 on Sundays (again, affirming how much a non-breakfast city Toronto is; if this place was in Montreal, it would be open from 7 am every day!)

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