Another reason to love Kensington

While shopping through Kensington Market on Sunday, I came across the most adorable thing:  Jesse & Mimi, the kids of some guy having a yard sale, were selling hand-drawn portraits of anyone willing to sit still for about 5 minutes.  Cost = $1!  What a deal, and what a great idea!  Not only is this a way better score for the customer than a crappy cup of lemonade, but the kids probably made a tonne of cash on tips alone.  I really wanted to get my portrait done, but there was a bunch of people already waiting in line and it was towards the end of the afternoon.  I’m willing to bet that Jesse & Mimi have really great parents; they encourage their kids’ entrepreneurial spirit and also their creativity.  I really wish I had one of the drawings to post here.  If anyone happens to have one of these gems please send it to me so I can showcase it!

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