U of T Football Really Sucks!

I currently work for U of T athletics as a coach, so I was surprised to read in this morning’s Toronto Star that the U of T Varisty Blues football squad has lost their last 45 straight games!  45 in a row!!  Their average loss has been 52-11 and they’ve lost 72-0 twice.  That really sucks.  Apparenly, they are only 2 losses away from an all-time Canadian University losing-streak record.  Can you believe that there has been another team that has lost that much?

Read the article U of T teaching lesson in mediocrity.  My favourite quote is: “The company line seems to be that U of T is chronically handicapped by high academic standards (a problem, funnily enough, that never seems to send Queen’s to the basement).”

3 Responses to “U of T Football Really Sucks!”

  1. Chris Clarke Says:

    So they’ve gone over 5 seasons without a single win? That’s comical. I remember being at Western a few years back, writing for the school paper’s sports section and hearing about the UofT losing streak back then – I can’t believe they’ve managed to keep it alive!

  2. name Says:


  3. name Says:

    they won two games this season and competed with every team.
    they almost beat the yates cup runner up

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