Breakfast Crawl: Friendly’s Grill – All Day Breakfast

Although the sign above this place reads: Friendly’s Grill – All Day Breakfast, apparently its official name is Friendly Sports Bar & Grill.  Regardless, the people who work there are pretty darned friendly.  I spotted this place en route to St. Joe’s Hospital last night after a crazy opened their driver’s side door into the bike lane on College St., sending me flying into oncoming traffic.  Luckily, I suffered only some road rash and minor soft tissue damage.

So I decided to check it out this morning.  Upon arrival, the chalkboard in front announced the special: before 11:45am, the 4 egg breakfast is just $4.95!  Sold.  I inquired as to whether is was okay if I sat at the front table by the window, and the cook seemed perplexed as to why I was even asking in the first place.  Before sitting down, he had already taken my order (which basically consisted of asking what kind of meat I wanted and what colour toast – egg variety, apparently, is not a choice).  I went to buy a paper, and when I came back my coffee was waiting for me on my table.  This place is a bit dark, so I suggest sitting up front unless you want to watch SportsCentre on the giant screen tv at the rear.

The breakfast arrived shortly, served by another friendly employee.  I got 3 strips of excellent-quality bacon, 4 eggs (over easy), 2 slices of wheat toast, and some delicious potatoes.  Simple and sweet.  The server came back often to refill my coffee while I lingered over my Toronto Star.  The place was not busy, so I was never rushed and I received my friendly cheque just as I was finishing the last section of the ‘voice of the GTA’.

This place is not ultra close to where I live, nor is it really on the way to any place that I frequent.  I might not make the trek there again for no reason, but if I happen to find myself in the area, I’d definitely give Friendly’s Grill another go.

Friendly’s is located at 1116 Queen St. W (near Dovercourt).  It’s open daily from 9 am.

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