Well, you know, it’s like this every day in Puerto Rico


What did you do today?  My roommate and I went to view this home on The Bridle Path – Canada’s most exclusive neighbourhood.  Past and present neigbours have included Prince and Conrad Black.  The listing price is $11,900,000 which puts it in the company of only about 5 -10 private homes in the +$10million catergory in Toronto.  This place had an entirely glass/zinc exterior, an indoor pool + gym + basketball court + movie theatre, and 3 of the bedrooms were multi-level towers.  It’s also, according to the owner, the most technologically advanced house in Canada.

The reason we went is because we saw the listing in Homes & Land Toronto magazine and I bet my roommate a beer that he couldn’t get an appointment to see the place.  That was yesterday.  By today, my roommate was an executive for an exploding IT company and I was his personal assistant helping him find a property in Toronto, as the headquarters for the company are likely moving to Toronto from Honolulu.

The best part about this adventure is that our real estate agent’s name was Nissan.

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