Metaphors and Sarcasm

The front section of today’s Toronto Star had a number of great articles.  2 in particular are, in my opinion, deserving of being quoted:

Francine Kopun’s Toronto’s Film Festival Rivals Cannes passes on this charming metaphor, taken from this week’s Time magazine:

“Don’t take this the wrong way, Toronto, but Hollywood loves you because you’re easy,” writes Winters Keegan in Time’s special festival edition. “Perfectly timed, impeccably organized and unfailingly kind to all varieties of movies, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has become the industry’s hottest festival ticket by acting as a kind of supportive, low-maintenance girlfriend.

“Unlike its major festival sisters – that sexy cougar Cannes, 60, and parka-clad hipster Sundance, 29 – Toronto, 32, is inclusive, friendly and even prettier once you get to know her.”

And Joey Slinger’s Tory Gets An F For Faith-funding Idea slaps us with a bit of sarcasm:

“John Tory is such an ideal leader it’s hard to understand why we don’t send pink slips to the gang that’s been running Queen’s Park and simply appoint him premier so Ontario can get on with its God-given task of being the most wonderful province anybody ever dreamed of.”

Newspapers are like the new internet.

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