Breakfast Crawl: (Czech out) The Prague

This morning I made my way to The Prague Fine Food Emporium for breakfast.  Mmmm.  This charmingly ethnic restaurant/grocery store, located at 638 Queen West, has been operating for close to 40 years.  And boy, have they worked out all the kinks.  I had a delicious breakfast consisting of poached eggs, toast, potatoes, fresh tomato & cucumber, coffee, and the house specialty: grilled restaurant-made kielbasa.  My bill (including tax) came to exactly $9, and was well worth it considering the most excellent service I recieved including pleasant banter with the server and many coffee refills.  The atmosphere of this place is also very warm and interesting.  Being, I assume, owned by a Czech expat, this is kind of a meeting place for those interested in Eastern European food and culture.  A bulletin board has multiple listings for Czech language lessons and cultural events, they sell many imported Czech food products, and the menu boasts a few delicacies I’m definitely interested in trying in the future.  This place doubles as a bakery/deli as well, so there were a bunch of regulars who popped in during my meal for some take-out + conversation with the clerks.  Also notable was the fine selection of free reading material:  I read today’s entire Toronto Star while I was there!


The Prague is open Monday – Saturday from 7:30 am, and from 10 on Sundays.

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