Since U Been Coming To My Restaurant

Last night we welcomed 2 more celebrities: one joining the growing list of C-tiers who show up sporadically, and one that is actually a legitimate A-lister used to be at the top of the pops until she released her most recent album.  Gabrielle Union is probably most famous for her role in Bring It On, way back in 2000; however, Kelly Clarkson sold more than 11 million copies of her 2004 album Breakaway, which produced 5 top-ten singles and won 2 Grammy Awards.  Her latest effort, My December, sucked so much (selling less than 1 million copies) she had to cancel her summer tour, so I’m not sure why she was in Toronto.


Update: Apparently Kelly’s the coach for this week of Canadian Idol, so that’s why she’s here.


3 Responses to “Since U Been Coming To My Restaurant”

  1. anonymi Says:

    How long before the Kelly fans find this?

  2. Tina Says:

    She canceled the tour before her album was released. Do you even research? Did you even listen to the album, or did you just assume things? The album is actually quite good. Clive is depending on mindless twits like you to perpetuate the misconception that the album isn’t as good as “Breakaway”, so that he can stroke his enormous ego. Man, this is going to be some funny stuff when the Kelly wins a couple more Grammys. lmao I’m sure she’s thank you personally when she does. And by the way, it took “Breakaway” 3 years to sell 6 million.…My December has been out less than 2 MONTHS. Grow up.

  3. nichole0009 Says:

    The person that wrote this article is one of the minority pop-tart fans soon
    to be displaced by true musical critics. Kelly is the leader of a trend that
    will soon change PopMusic into a deeper,thinking kind of music that people
    are really going to love in the future. She is a great musical genius. There
    hasn’t been one like her in a long time.

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