A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Epicentre of the Universe

This weekend I headed down to the 125th Annual Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catharines, Ontario.  Public transportation between TO and St. Kitts is available, but was not convenient to my schedule – so I decided to try my hand at hitchhiking. 


My friend Jean-François hitchhiked to Ottawa one time, but he took the GO Train to Whitby and then hitched along Hwy 2.  Unfortunately, there aren’t really any roads going in the other direction other than the Gardiner and the 401 (which are both illegal and dangerous to hitchhike on).  What I ended up doing was parking myself with the above sign at the bottom of Spadina Avenue, just before the on-ramp for the Gardiner westbound.  Went down without a hitch (pardon the pun) and not only was I picked up within 20 minutes, but I knew the guys by just one degree of separation!  The one dude plays ultimate frisbee with this guy I know from TO, and the other guy subletted an appartment in Montreal with my friend’s brother!  They dropped me off at my exact destination, as they were headed to a family reunion very nearby.  Excellent.


One Response to “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Epicentre of the Universe”

  1. Chris Clarke Says:

    That’s actually quite amazing story!

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